bullet hole

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a hole made by a bullet passing through it

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A police investigation is under way after bullet holes were found in the door of her detached house on a luxury estate in West Derby, Liverpool.
It is believed the bullet holes have been caused by people firing their guns illegally.
I flinched, then checked the windscreens and the wheels and when I got out I saw the bullet hole. I am just glad they caught the guy."
Calculating from where the bullet hole struck the nearby school administration building, investigators determined that Kanatzar's gunshot was more than a warning to the victim, Hasselman said.
The car was on Eastern Avenue yesterday with three apparent bullet holes. The back window had a bullet hole, along with two bullet holes in the back of the car.
That's why self-confessed Sinn Fein spy Denis Donaldson has just been found with a bullet hole in the head and his right hand hacked off.
Later, she noticed a bullet hole from the car's window.
A bullet hole in Ms Cantilon's fence was visible at the exact spot where little Wayne had been playing minutes earlier.
And the Nazi relic bears the mark of his defeat - a bullet hole straight through Germany, left by a victorious Soviet soldier after the fall of Berlin.
The investigating officer announced that the reason it had taken Merseyside Police so long to reach this conclusion was because the bullet hole was small.
He heard a loud bang, saw another vehicle drive off at speed, and later discovered a bullet hole in his car.
A BUNDLE of letters - punctuated by a bullet hole and traces of blood - were all retired Coventry police officer Ron Keene had to remember his Uncle Joe .
Police were called to an address in Wapshare Road, Clubmoor, and found a bullet hole in an upstairs window.
His mother, Joanne Sanabria, 28, heard the boy scream then saw the bullet hole in the car and the blood on his body.
A house on nearby Travis Drive, 100 metres away, also had at least one shot fired through the glass leaving a bullet hole embedded in the wall.