bullet hole

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a hole made by a bullet passing through it

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The front door of the house in Crumpsall had a bullet hole in it
It is described as a gray BMW sedan and also might have bullet holes.
I'm not saying you can't shoot well with a bow that doesn't shoot a bullet hole, because that's false.
My brother-in-law said it looked like a bullet hole.
According to your directions in the article, you are measuring group size as the distance between the inside edges of the bullet holes.
This is not the first time bullet hole stickers have got a motorists in hot water.
Either way, it's an add-on sale success for The Bullet Hole, with 9 out of 10 customers preferring rubber grips.
how police sealed off the area outside Cash Generator after staff at the store discovered a bullet hole in the shop window when they opened up on Monday.
One of the cars had a bullet hole in the front passenger door, but the drivers and passengers had fled before police arrived.
He was found lying dead on the ground, with a bullet hole in his back after being missing since the evening, the sources noted.
When we move our bullet hole out to 600 yards, the size of the hole appears to be 1/6th the size it did at 100 yards.
I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe I was saddened For no one listened No one cared The child cried alone In Gaza The dogs of war Are pitiless Devouring all with savagery And mindless abandon Jerusalem in her left hand Bethlehem in her right A bullet hole in her chest I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe Was that god crying.
My host pointed out the bullet hole in the tiled floor.
The crime scene investigators track the source of the mold to a bullet hole in a water pipe near the HVAC system.
No one was injured, but the car sustained a bullet hole.