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obstinate and stupid

having a small round head

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The cache also included an ammunition press, firearms powder, bullet heads and percussion caps - all components for producing ammunition that could be discharged by the various weapons at his disposal.
Stange has long used Owner Ultra Bullet Heads in 1/2- and 3/4ounce, but says Kalin's Bullet heads are more economical, easier to find, and work just as well in freshwater.
Two weeks ago, German resident Siegfried Neidlein discovered a chain, shrapnel, cartridge cases, bullet heads, and a threaded copper cap while using a metal detector about a mile away from the crash site.
Nice guy, but I couldn't break him of the habit of using the term "bullet heads." "I got some new bullet heads for my .22-250." "What bullet heads do you use in your .270?" "Bullets," I'd say.
He added that during the course of the searches 191 exhibits were found, including other bullet heads.
Kelly admitted possessing a prohibited firearm and converting it and also pleaded guilty to two charges relating to the possession of 50 expending bullet heads and 14 live Luger rounds of ammunition.
A STOLEN gun and more than 1,000 bullet heads were found at a Holme Valley reservoir.
"We also recovered four bullet casings and four bullet heads, all of which have been sent off for analysis."
In a shed at the back of Collins's home, police found five air rifles ( one modified, meaning it required a licence, a five-shot-gas powered revolver modified to shoot real bullets, rifle bullets, black powder, bullet heads and bullet-making equipment.
The Bath Bullet heads the current British rankings after he recorded a time of10.09seconds two weeks ago but knows he will have to go faster if he is to make the final in Finland.
Hall's home in Bowker Street, Eastfield, was raided in July by police officers after a package of 9mm bullet heads addressed to him was intercepted by postal workers in London.
The lamp in question is a "tree torchiere," an uplight with two side bullet heads, for which Lamps Plus holds design and utility patents.
Similarly, a total of 1,689 ammunition were recovered with 37 empty cartridges and 35 bullet heads.
The court heard bullet heads and cartridges found in Mr Bassnett''s garage - which had been converted into a mini-nightclub - were likely to have been fired by a gun linked to three other incidents.
ROCKCHASE BULLET heads the market at a general 5-1 for the Hennerty Sales Irish Laurels, which continues with the quarterfinals on Saturday at Curraheen Park, writes Michael Fortune.