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Synonyms for bullet-headed

obstinate and stupid

having a small round head

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No extensive treatment was needed, as the bullet head had "ricocheted off her leg, and bounced away.
Caption: Rudy Gonzalez with a wahoo trolling out of West Palm Beach, caught on a purple skirt with a bullet head, no bait.
The debut single Bullet Head is already a live favourite and now the trio hope to spread the Fangclub word, with their album due for release early next year.
The bullet head of the practice cartridge but contains neither extension nor Holla detonator.
in Bullet Head Directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill / Changing Lanes), Hyde Park is an uneven affair.
The special shape of VSV- a bullet head with a short, helical trunk- has lent to its evasion from three-dimensional structural studies," Zhou added.
To their credit the Anglesey side kept trying and a minute later a Smith corner was converted by the bullet head of substitute Chris O'Brien.
That left Wales with a single option, to hump the ball high down field in the faint hope of locating the bullet head of John Hartson, who had one of his most unproductive days for his country.
He equalised with the slightest of touches in the 49th minute but saved his best for the 61st minute when he dived full length from Andersen's cross to bullet head home.
The bolt has a recessed face with dual locking lugs, firing pin safety, cartridge guide with ejector for positive feeding without bullet head damage, and claw extractor for positive extraction.
The fly has a bullet head and hackles that are clipped underneath to make it ride low in the water like a female natural.
RUC documentation stated that army and police personnel arrived on the scene and that 12 spent gun cartridges and a bullet head were recovered.
This is when you want to rapidly deploy a bullet head jig rigged with an extra hook and a whole ballyhoo.
When the vehicle was returned and sent for cleaning, one bullet head was found in the footwell and another among shattered glass removed from the car.
I have written extensively about using boottail designs like the Storm WildEye Swim Shad, a prerigged option, and the Berkley Swim Shad Hand Pour, which must be rigged on a jighead like the Owner Saltwater Bullet Head.