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Synonyms for bulldozer

one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

Synonyms for bulldozer

large powerful tractor


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AMD said each CPU had four Bulldozer modules containing a pair of fully fledged instruction-executing CPU cores, which adds up to eight cores, The Register said.
Smaller than bulldozers, but utilized in a variety of earth-moving applications and construction, loaders offer great versatility and come in many styles, sizes, and configurations.
Corrie believed that her foreign features and blonde hair would deter the bulldozer - but she was wrong.
To estimate the total fuel use, it was required to have productivity rate and working time for the bulldozer. The working time (hr) was acquired by dividing the volume of soil to be hauled or dozed by the predicted hourly productivity rate.
These pre-requisites in the tender document appeared to hinder a level-playing field among various suppliers of bulldozers by ostensibly foreclosing the market to the maximum available competition.
He added: "With it's growing population and it's taste for the finer things in life, the Middle East offers great opportunity for growth within the hospitality sector and we at the Bulldozer Group are pleased our efforts and dedication to cater for this demand has been recognised."
Police have filed a case against the driver of the bulldozer and are investigating the case.
ARSONISTS caused hundreds of pounds of damage when they targeted a bulldozer on Tyneside.
15, 1974 as a principal organizer of the infamous "Bulldozer exhibition" held in a vacant lot in Belyayevo forest, during which undercover police dressed as city workers destroyed 40 artists' work with water hoses and bulldozers.
Un tribunal israelien a rejete hier mardi une plainte deposee par les parents de la pacifiste americaine Rachel Corrie, tuee en 2003 par un bulldozer militaire israelien a Gaza et qui est devenue une figure emblematique du soutien aux Palestiniens dans le monde.
Corona, CA, December 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Neuro Research Group is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated product Bulldozer XL5000.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) raw materials including beads & buckets for the overhauling of Hitachi equipment, (b) semi processed beads for Caterpillar equipment, (c) repair of a D 6 M Caterpillar bulldozer at Bersiq Fish Farm in Beheira, (d) overhauling of the engine of Shanghai 9615 branded bulldozer at the Central Workshops in Ashtom Al Gamil area on Port Said/ Damietta Road & (e) repair of a Hanomag bulldozer & a Shanghai bulldozer at El Zawya Fish Farm.
India, July 29 -- AMD has revealed the approximate retail pricing of its first eight-core Bulldozer processors on a promotional webpage - $300.
Summary: Two Chinese bulldozer drivers have combined their passion for rock-and-roll music with heavy duty vehicles to do an unusual dance.
A civil lawsuit brought by the parents of a US peace activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli forces bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in March 2003 has begun being heard in the Israeli city of Haifa.