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Synonyms for bulldoze

Synonyms for bulldoze

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Words related to bulldoze

flatten with or as if with a bulldozer

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A Palestinian farmer said that Israeli forces, accompanied by members of the Israeli civil administration, bulldozed 4 acres of agricultural land in eastern Hebron.
Ahmad Sukar, said that Israeli bulldozers bulldozed a five-dunum land planted
A FAMILY firm could go bust after a seven-year legal battle costing pounds 330,000 that will end with a housing development being bulldozed.
The builders moved in and had permission to remove nine; they "accidentally" bulldozed the wrong nine.
He said the opposition had boycotted for Monday while it would join assembly proceedings on Tuesday because the treasury had bulldozed NRO in the meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice.
PARCELLED OFF Land close to the village which would be bulldozed for a third runway at Heathrow .
Two houses close to millionaire's row in Sandbanks, Dorset - where land is worth more than the properties built on it - are being bulldozed and replaced with flats.
Lledrod ward councillor, Dai Evans, said, 'I am very conscious about the way this has been bulldozed through.
Buildings are usually bulldozed under the assumption that it is cheaper to demolish a home than to disassemble it and sell the used materials.
In another area, a developer bulldozed a hiking trail to a streambed canyon at the end of Topanga Canyon and the 118 Freeway.
Under Mayor Schneider's direction, the haunting symbol of Long Branch's downturn was bulldozed to the ground, replaced by a charming Victorian-inspired village.
Perhaps the most inflammatory and counter-productive policy employed by Israeli occupation forces in Palestine is the doctrine of collective punishment, under which families of terrorists have seen their homes bulldozed by IDF troops, and the vacated housing plots are sometimes filled by Israeli settlers or military officials.
Soon after, park officials saw that the family had bulldozed a road leading from its homestead to the town of McCarthy and cleared surrounding parkland.
A FORMER cop claims part of his garden was bulldozed on the orders of bus tycoon Ann Gloag.