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Synonyms for bulldoze

Synonyms for bulldoze

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

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flatten with or as if with a bulldozer

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As a result the tender was scrapped and replaced with another to bulldoze and rebuild the market, which will then be made available to private investors to develop.
They just told us that they are following the sub-decree and will continue to bulldoze it.
It is interesting to note that Imran in one of his rallies had vowed to bulldoze Governor House whenever he comes into power.
"The President has already decided to send a message to smugglers that their happy days are over, we will bulldoze those cars," he said.
In 2005 the council decided to bulldoze 1,500 houses in Gresham, this project also still remains unfinished.
A TOXTETH community devastated by the 1981 riots held a street market in defiance at plans to bulldoze homes.
London, Jan 24 (ANI): London 2012 chief Sebastian Coe has said that Britain's sporting reputation will be trashed if Tottenham is allowed to bulldoze the Olympic Stadium.
It's utterly ridiculous but a Government that wants to bulldoze through crippling social welfare cuts without any debate isn't really worried about the health of our democracy.
"The Government's attempts to bulldoze over public opinion will be blocked at every turn."
When the crowds fail to appear, the developers simply bulldoze the parks and sell the land for a profit.
Membership status saved Old Dickory, of Harahan, Louisiana, from destruction in 2003 when a Louisiana highway project threatened to bulldoze the landmark.
Defending its actions, the family has said that it did not bulldoze a new road, but rather cleared an old mining road.
And when a greedy businessman threatens to bulldoze their neighbourhood to put up a huge "mall-plex," the kids decide to take action to save their hometown.
After all, one of the first things Guevara and Fidel Castro did after the triumph of the 1959 revolution was bulldoze almost all of Cuba's golf courses and build schools in their place.
A BUILDER is threatening to bulldoze his pounds 250,000 dream home after a divorce court ruled it had to be sold for a fraction of the price it is worth.