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Synonyms for bulldog

a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

attack viciously and ferociously

throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo

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References in classic literature ?
This speech being unintelligible to the Bulldog he only civilly smiled, which so terrified the Spaniel that he dropped dead in his tracks.
"He interests me, I suppose, like the bulldog. And there is much good in him, too; but there is much in him that I would not like in - in the other way.
The London express came roaring into the station, and a small, wiry bulldog of a man had sprung from a first-class carriage.
Even the great bulldog, belonging to a sporting passenger, seemed to yield to its gentle influences, and forgetting his yearning to come to close quarters with the baboon in a cage on the foc'sle, snored happily at the door of the cabin, dreaming no doubt that he had finished him, and happy in his dream.
Some authors who have written on Dogs, maintain that the greyhound and bulldog, though appearing so different, are really varieties most closely allied, and have probably descended from the same wild stock; hence I was curious to see how far their puppies differed from each other: I was told by breeders that they differed just as much as their parents, and this, judging by the eye, seemed almost to be the case; but on actually measuring the old dogs and their six-days old puppies, I found that the puppies had not nearly acquired their full amount of proportional difference.
He was a tall, bony, grey-haired ruffian with a bulldog jaw, in a torn cotton shirt and moleskin trousers.
A big bulldog, sliding obliquely and silently across the street, unconcerned with the team he was avoiding, had passed so close that Prince, baring his teeth like a stallion, plunged his head down against reins and check in an effort to seize the dog.
The wind has been blowing, and the rushes and young plants bowing and bending to it, lest it should do them harm, the cowards--and Grip--ha ha ha!--brave Grip, who cares for nothing, and when the wind rolls him over in the dust, turns manfully to bite it--Grip, bold Grip, has quarrelled with every little bowing twig--thinking, he told me, that it mocked him--and has worried it like a bulldog. Ha ha ha!'
I think I can see him now, a-coming up the Strand between the two street-keepers, a little sobered by the bruising, with a patch o' winegar and brown paper over his right eyelid, and that 'ere lovely bulldog, as pinned the little boy arterwards, a-following at his heels.
NU Lady Bulldogs fall short of upset against University of Northern Colorado in BLIA Cup debut !-- -- Luisa Morales (Philstar.com) - July 17, 2019 - 4:35pm MANILA, Philippines The NU Lady Bulldogs gave the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Bears a run for their money after a narrow 65-66 loss in the Buddha Light International Association (BLIA) Cup in Taiwan on Wednesday.
The Bulldogs will face Far Eastern University in the finals, marking the first time that the two teams will meet since Season 75 when NU won its first men's volleyball title.
Bromborough Bulldogs took on unbeaten NBA Jack in their first encounter of the season.
According to Daily Mail, Olde English Bulldogges were bred in the early 1970s as part of an attempt to recreate the historic Bulldog breed but with a less aggressive temperament. The original Old English Bulldog breed is extinct, with the current version being a mix of many different kinds of bulldogs.
Martin Cup crown for the Lady Bulldogs, who went 8-1 won-lost in the tournament supported by Cocolife.
The National University Lady Bulldogs successfully retained the women's crown at the 24th Fr.