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Synonyms for bulldog

a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw

attack viciously and ferociously

throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo

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References in classic literature ?
This speech being unintelligible to the Bulldog he only civilly smiled, which so terrified the Spaniel that he dropped dead in his tracks.
"He interests me, I suppose, like the bulldog. And there is much good in him, too; but there is much in him that I would not like in - in the other way.
He was a tall, bony, grey-haired ruffian with a bulldog jaw, in a torn cotton shirt and moleskin trousers.
A big bulldog, sliding obliquely and silently across the street, unconcerned with the team he was avoiding, had passed so close that Prince, baring his teeth like a stallion, plunged his head down against reins and check in an effort to seize the dog.
The wind has been blowing, and the rushes and young plants bowing and bending to it, lest it should do them harm, the cowards--and Grip--ha ha ha!--brave Grip, who cares for nothing, and when the wind rolls him over in the dust, turns manfully to bite it--Grip, bold Grip, has quarrelled with every little bowing twig--thinking, he told me, that it mocked him--and has worried it like a bulldog. Ha ha ha!'
I think I can see him now, a-coming up the Strand between the two street-keepers, a little sobered by the bruising, with a patch o' winegar and brown paper over his right eyelid, and that 'ere lovely bulldog, as pinned the little boy arterwards, a-following at his heels.
It seemed to her very odd that he should know as much about breeding bulldogs as any man in England; that he had a collection of wild flowers found near London; and his weekly visit to old Miss Trotter at Ealing, who was an authority upon the science of Heraldry, never failed to excite her laughter.
Ham- mering each other -- for we stepped aside and looked on while they rolled, and struggled, and gouged, and pounded, and bit, with the strict and wordless attention to business of so many bulldogs. We looked on with- out apprehension, for they were fast getting past ability to go for help against us, and the arena was far enough from the public road to be safe from intrusion.
They fought with more pertinacity than bulldogs. Neither manifested the least disposition to retreat.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 24, 2019-Hero Digital, Bulldog Solutions Merge to Expand B2B Customer Expertise in Austin, Texas
A man in Scotland is in a coma after a bulldog bit off his genitals, reports said Wednesday.
Bulldog Security Products, based in Much Wenlock, and Witter Towbars, based on Deeside, have joined forces in a deal which will see Bulldog's One tracker fitted to towbars manufactured by Witter.
Dog lover, comedian and actress Catherine Tate was clearly "bovvered" and having none of it on BBC1's Saving the British Bulldog. She saw the dogs' suffering and sought expert advice on saving them.
Catherine Tate is in her element as she meets a litter of bulldog puppies Catherine Tate is in her element as she meets litter of bulldog puppies CATHERINE TATE is rolling around on the floor with a litter of Bulldog puppies, trying and failing to finish what she's saying.
MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions willunveil its second-generation BullDog II platform, a common fiber-optic platform for three key product lines, empowering customers with a versatile and modular solution to support virtually any field-based transport need, the company claims.