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cordifolia have orbicular leaves, rounded or cordate at base, often bullate, usually green; inflorescence spherical at first, usually becoming umbraculiform with spreading branches; flowers mostly spreading or erect, broadly campanulate; petals broadly ovate to orbicular, abruptly contracted into the claw (Yeo, 1966).
Et imprimis fecimus (I) unum de dictis coffinis esmaldatum adportari, in quo erant quedam privilegia papalia et imperialia, inter que erant triginta septem lictere imperiales et regum et aliorum principum bullis aureis bullate et tres bulle sive sigilla aurea sine licteris et quam plures alie lictere et scripture romane ecclesie, prout in eisdem scripturis et licteris legebatur.
Lips not thickened, maxilla not bullate. Lower (horizontal) border of preoperculum convex, rounded, curvature extending upward to maxilla; upper (vertical) border extending downward to meet this curvature.
Leaf appears "raised" between veins (bullate), ALTERNATE arrangement.