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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

the round leaden seal affixed to a papal bull

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Mendel-Geberovich, "The name Matanyahu appears both in the Bible and on additional stamps and bullae already unearthed.
The boy was treated with cefazolin for suspected bacterial cellulitis, but this did little; erythema and edema progressed on the left leg and multiple bullae developed 2 days after admission.
Wigle et al., "Bullectomy for symptomatic or complicated giant lung bullae," Annals of Thoracic Surgery, vol.
(1,6,8) The presence of multiple bullae may be predictive of infection with S.
While 28/31 (90.3%) cases of PV and 1/8 (12.5%) cases of BP had flaccid bullae, 3/31 (9.7%) cases of PV and 7/8 (87.5%) cases of BP had tense vesicle/bullae (Table 2).
(1) It is caused by circulating immunoglobulin G antibodies directed against 180 kD proteins in the epidermal basement membrane, resulting in vesicles, bullae, and urticaria-like eruptions.
The most dental complications are increase prevalence of dental caries, hypodontia, defective crowns and enamel hypoplasia with oral tissue scaring leading to microstomia.7,8 The disease is painful, pervasive and debilitating and there is no cure, only palliative management by close care of patient with support and prevention of new bullae formation is done.9
On clinical examination multiple, light brown, irregular patches, with atrophic scars and crusts over large bullae were observed on the anterior aspect of both legs (Fig.1).
Skin biopsy from the bullous lesions revealed multiple subepidermal bullae with ill defined macrophage-filled granulomas and a dense neutrophilic infiltrate (Figure 4).
The histopathological features of bullae in LPP are variable.
Relative to other rodents, those of the subfamily Gerbillinae (gerbils) are characterized by greatly enlarged auditory (tympanic) bullae. To understand the effects of altitude on the size of auditory bullae in the midday gerbil (Meriones meridianus Pallas,1773), 339 adults were collected from areas in Inner Mongolia and northwest China, from -103 m to 3205 m above sea level, and relevant body and skull measurements were taken.
Belonging to the group of "fiscal" bullae, the clay seal was most likely placed on a tax shipment of silver or agricultural produce, such as wine or wheat, which was sent from Bethlehem to the King of Judah in Jerusalem in the 8th or 7th century B.C.
I should note that I do not smoke, the leading cause of giant bullae. Another cause is working or living with high levels of pollution.
Catalogue of the Western Asiatic seals in the British Museum; stamp seals III: Impressions of stamp seals on cuneiform tablets, clay bullae, and jar handles.