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(pathology) an elevation of the skin filled with serous fluid

the round leaden seal affixed to a papal bull

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During surgery, the left ethmoid bulla was opened anteriorly (figure, A).
As our population ages, a growing number of those age 65 and older are choosing more active lifestyles," said Bulla.
Bulla has led Baja sea kayak fishing and camping trips in the fall and spring for the last five years.
The company has more than 10,000 customers who may have been affected by the fires, Bulla said.
Everything is prepared fresh and served buffet style on heavy clear plastic plates,'' added Bulla, who arrives at 5 a.
We present an unusual case of COF that was localized and isolated to the ethmoid bulla.
The San Fernando Valley-based fly fishing club meets at the Encino Glen, 16821 Burbank Blvd, Encino, adjacent to the Balboa Golf Course with a reception for Bulla at 6 p.
Otoscopy revealed an inflamed right tympanic membrane with an inflamed and erythematous bulla on the lower half; there was no perforation (figure).
The fourth is placed into the anterior face of the ethmoid bulla (figure 2, E).
Visits to Tunis, which masqueraded as 1930s Cairo in the film; Bulla Regia, a restored Roman city; an olive forest; Arab horse-raising territory; and the island of DJerba will be featured.
CONTACT: Dan Bulla, 713-207-3120, or Robert Smith, 713-207-3125, both of Houston Lighting/
We pause for these commercials: Johnny Bulla, a young drug store employee from Chicago, beat a fine 1941 field at Riviera that included Hogan, Little and Craig Wood.
The anterior ethmoid cells drain into the middle meatus--of ten through the hiatus semilunaris superior, but sometimes through the anterior or lateral bulla wall, the ethmoid infundibulum, the hiatus semilunaris inferior, or the retrobullar recess.
If only an anterior ethmoidectomy is indicated, then the surgeon might inadvertently leave the posterior wall of the bulla intact.
CONTACT: Dan Bulla, 713-207-3120, or Sandy Fruhman, 713-207-3123, both of Houston Industries Incorporated/