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Synonyms for bull

Synonyms for bull

uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle

a large and strong and heavyset man

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

an investor with an optimistic market outlook

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(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Taurus

the second sign of the zodiac

the center of a target

a formal proclamation issued by the pope (usually written in antiquated characters and sealed with a leaden bulla)

mature male of various mammals of which the female is called 'cow'

push or force


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try to raise the price of stocks through speculative buying

speak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths

advance in price

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References in classic literature ?
It would be possibly a little bit fair if it were one man against one bull."
"It may not be fair to the bull. For is it not known to all of us that for twenty-four hours the bull is given no water, and that immediately before the fight he is permitted to drink his fill?"
"I beg pardon," said John Harned; "but it would seem to me a wise bull. He knows he must not fight man.
And he yelled for the bull. As you see yourself, John Harned wanted the man killed.
"Doubtless, in time, I shall cease to be annoyed by the men who take advantage of the bull."
The bugles blew for the death of the bull. Ordonez stood forth with the sword and the scarlet cloth.
It is cowardly for five men to fight one stupid bull. Therefore those that look on learn to be cowards.
'He turns up in charge of a yellow-headed buck-Brahmin priest, with his father's Lodge certificates round his neck, talkin' God knows what all of a red bull. The buck-Brahmin evaporates without explanations, an' the bhoy sets cross-legged on the Chaplain's bed prophesyin' bloody war to the men at large.
Ten minutes later a cow walked out into the water, followed by a bull. The moose were so far away we couldn't judge the bull accurately, but he certainly was worth a closer look in the morning.
WHEN THAT BIG BULL and I locked eyes and he slipped away, I was exhausted and tried to talk myself out of going after the other bull. But his continuous belting and raking kept my heart rate over 160, and I had to push on even harder.
From there I was able to sneak in among the herd to get within 28 yams of a decent bull. He needed to take only one step forward to give me a shot.
With more and more hunters in the woods these days the more tricks you have up your sleeve, the better your chances for bagging a bull. Rattling has been the trick that works for me when nothing else does," Ramos concluded.
Moments earlier, I'd been at full draw on a bull with really good top points when it dawned on me my young cameraman might be focused on the wrong bull.
Still, I wanted to taste success on a larger, 300-class bull.
Quickly we swung downwind and stalked within 90 yards of the sleeping bull. In 45 minutes, he had not moved an inch.