bull thistle

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European thistle with rather large heads and prickly leaves

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Schweitzer saw evidence of light cattle grazing in the habitat, and he removed several bull thistle that were growing in the habitat.
However, when these passions meet the reality of bull thistle, coddling moths and pondscum many newer rural property owners become deeply frustrated.
The one in particular I want to find is a mutant spineless Bull thistle (Cirsium), not the thistle look-a-like, knapweed.
And now Deborah Short, 23, of Knightswood, Glasgow, has announced she will sue the Black Bull Thistle Hotel in East Dumbartonshire for the pain and trauma she suffered during the attack.
And when we got back to the bunkhouse near Tower Falls and Hell Roaring Flats, I noticed a chart on the wall I hadn't before with color photos of invasive plants: bull thistle, spotted knapweed, dalmation toadflax, houndstongue, and leafy spurge.