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a powerful short-haired terrier originated in England by crossing the bulldog with terriers

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He said: "I've been breeding Staffordshire bull terriers for 15 years and I've never had any bother with them.
AN ANIMAL rescue centre in Sefton is appealing for information after a Staffordshire bull terrier was stolen by a man who claimed he wanted to adopt it.
IWAS very sorry to read about the young girl in Edinburgh being savaged by a dog, reportedly a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. As an owner of one, Iwould like to say that any attacks of this type are all to easily blamed on these dogs.
The incident is said to have happened in July when one of the Princess Royal's English Bull Terriers was off the leash.
Lucky: Georgina Hopson survived attack by savage bull terriers while trying in vain to save her pet dog.
Last week 72-year-old Eric Riding's collie Bob was savaged in nearby Rawthorpe by two bull terriers.
The officers went to Harris's home in Rush-more Drive, Widnes, and found two pit bull terriers.
"Generally we get about one Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staff cross in a day at either shelter, but because people think they are like Pit Bull Terriers, they just aren't interested.
A BOY of two was in hospital last night after being savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier.
She said: "Pure breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the gentlest creatures ever.
One of Anne's other bull terriers, Dotty, was originally blamed for last week's corgi attack but was cleared by the palace.
THE dog that killed the Queen's corgi wasn't Dottie, but another of Princess Anne's bull terriers, it emerged last night.
Police yesterday warned Birmingham residents to be on their guard for a pair of bull terriers which have already attacked two people, leaving one with horrific facial injuries.