bull terrier

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a powerful short-haired terrier originated in England by crossing the bulldog with terriers

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At the same time, it appears that the 63-yearold was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier in the same area when the dogs began fighting with one another.
City magistrates also ordered the destruction of the bull terrier - a move later questioned by dog lovers.
Luke and Derek Shearer suffered "three |minutes of hell" after their husky Sky was savaged by a Staffordshire bull terrier
Kath is now calling for the Staffordshire bull terrier, impounded by police after Monday's incident, to be put down.
Mr Watkins told the court: "It is the prosecution case that the defendant had possession or control of six pit bull terrier type dogs, and that there is clear evidence that he knew a lot about the dogs.
* The Staffordshire bull terrier saved from a drain
Barbara Dunn, Fife JAWS OF DEATH J Pit bull terriers demonstrate their strength on a wooden stake
Newcastle Crown Court heard Adam has been left with horrific facial scarring after the bull terrier tore part of his cheek off.
The unaccompanied Staffordshire Bull Terrier jumped on the back of his dog and started biting it.
The dog's owner, who is white and aged 45 to 50, with should erlength blonde hair, fled the scene with the white dog, believed to be a Staffordshire bull terrier.
And James Beaufoy, sec-retary of the West Midlands-based Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, called for changes in the Dangerous Dogs Act.
A FIVE-year-old boy was dragged to the ground and savaged by an English bull terrier as his horrified identical twin and father looked on.
A MAN has been ordered to keep his Staffordshire Bull Terrier under proper control after it savaged a dog.
Vera Westwood, of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, said: "Paul gives us support at shows and helps with donations in all sorts of days.
Louise Caygill, 43, was killed by her Staffordshire bull terrier in her flat.