bull snake

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any of several large harmless rodent-eating North American burrowing snakes

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The new well that probably chased out the bull snake, soon supported the human habitat appearing west of our little ranch/farm.
It may be a bull snake and from its behaviour, it could well be."
SLIPPERY CUSTOMER: Bull snake found in Dublin housewife's kitchen' A REAL CHARMER: Saint Patrick
Bull snakes are constrictors from North America which kill by squeezing victims until they stop breathing.
The five-foot American bull snake which is capable of choking a baby to death was named Phoenix after Dublin's main park.
The snakes that form the hair are not vipers but bull snakes which aid farmers in keeping down pests.
The DSPCA have given him a home; S-S-SHAME: American Bull snake found in Phoenix Park; PUPPIES: Rescued from the river
Nigel's four-bedroom Bristol home is like Noah's Ark, housing an 8ft bull snake, an Indian python, two bearded dragon lizards, two owls, two giant tortoises, swarms of locusts and assorted frogs and toads.
Shebaya said Port Isabel, a remote, 1,200-person facility surrounded by a wind farm, a wildlife refuge and miles of empty prairie crawling with coyotes, falcons and bull snakes, "seems to be at capacity" and is "not equipped to hold children."
I have used aggressive, but relatively harmless, bull snakes to dissuade my dogs from further interest in snakes.
Nesting success in the Sand Hills is around 10 percent, well below the average," said Vrtiska." A lot of that is because there's a different predator base, namely bull snakes that they don't have in other places like the prairie pothole region.
5, when two bull snakes sneaked into the transformer and plunged the opera house into darkness.
Unaware of its true ceremonial significance, outsiders photographed the Snake Dance, commercialized it, and even imitated it using bull snakes or fake wooden rattlesnakes.
* Bull snakes do not mate with rattle snakes but will in fact drive them away.