bull shark

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a most common shark in temperate and tropical coastal waters worldwide

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JAWS A bull shark of the type that attacked young Shane in the Bahamas
Although great white sharks are known as elite hunters and apex predators, the bull shark is considered as a more dangerous animal primarily due to its unique characteristic.
Viral videos and reports on social media showed an Emirati fisherman, Eid Sulaiman, who, with the help of a friend and two sailors, managed to catch a 347kg bull shark 64km off the Fujairah coasts.
Fujairah: The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is investigating reports of a 347kg bull shark that was caught by an Emirati fisherman 64km off the coast of Fujairah on February 16.
As it was, she returned home after the memorial service to the modest 1,700-squarefoot house that she and her husband had bought, used, over fifteen years ago in Omaha, Nebraska, and found herself newly grateful for the house, for the husband, for the two children, but plagued by the thought that she should have been bitten by the bull shark and carried out to sea on a riptide, since she had been so very envious of Madeline and Madeline had only been unhappy.
Mean catch per unit of effort ([+ or -] SE) ranged from 4.74 (0.41) sharks 100 [hooks.sup.-1] [h.sup.-1] for Atlantic Sharpnose Shark to 0.06 (0.01) sharks 100 [hooks.sup.-1] [h.sup.-1] for Bull Shark (Table 1).
Summary: Pictures of a two-headed bull shark have been released .
He described it as a bull shark -- a medium-sized species known for its aggression and tendency to attack humans -- according to media reports.
The attack was thought to be by a tiger or bull shark, inset
From the Amazon River to the Indian Ocean, and from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the plains of Africa, he meets all manner of crazy characters, and risks life and limb to tackle the scariest, most powerful fish on earth including Bull Shark, Swordfish, Tiger Fish and the deadly Japanese Puffer.
After hooking the bull shark the Captain told Ramsay to sit in the "fighting chair" - where he toiled for an hour to reel it in.
Extreme Fishing with Robson Green (9.00pm) The actor struggles to land sailfish in Florida, tries his hand at bowfishing from a flat-bottomed airboat, and hunts for the fearsome bull shark.
With the exception of the 3 species of sharks considered potentially dangerous to humans--the tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) and the blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)--all species caught alive at haulback of the fishing gear were released back to sea.
But medics said she was expected to make a full recovery after the attack, thought to be by a bull shark.
This is a man who has allowed a tarantula to walk across his face, stuck his head between the open jaws of an alligator, and seen a colleague have a huge chunk of his calf bitten off by a bull shark.