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an informal discussion (usually among men)

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Come to think of it, maybe those late night bull sessions about lit-crit philosophy were not a waste of time after all.
Fortunately, during one of those typical ready-room bull sessions we've all had, I learned about vortex-ring state and how to get out of it.
At Sankeien Watsuji absorbed the piney atmosphere of Nara and joined bull sessions about art.
Women--even women on staff--are banned from his bull sessions.
Once confined mostly to cocktail conversation and late-night dormitory bull sessions, counterfactual history has become a burgeoning scholarly pursuit.
But author David Lipsky kept his balance, and he formed long-term relationships with numerous cadets, joining them in their rooms, parties, and bull sessions.
In its adolescent forms, this is the stuff of long, late-night bull sessions fueled by booze, coffee, and other drugs, but it's not simply a stoner's game.
Rehearsals for the film turned into extended bull sessions with cast and crew (most of whom worked on ``George Washington'') sharing their war stories of lost love.
He would listen in on the bull sessions of the workers and just soak up the atmosphere.
During one of their bull sessions, Critias told Plato a story that his grandfather Critias the Elder had related to him.
Much of the talk is reminiscent of beefy bull sessions among reporters and editors.
As the scene shifts between Japan in the late 1970s and South Vietnam ten years earlier, Dillon encounters a menagerie of characters who, despite their diverse backgrounds, share a fondness for marathon bull sessions on heady subjects.
Two-way electronic messaging puts a dent in group discussions and bull sessions in and out of the workplace.
Bull Sessions, branded with the name, incorporates Merrill Lynch's logo and the American expression denoting an open-ended discussion.
Little did we know that it would take 15 years to exhaust that zeal, as this plain little show about chorus kids auditioning for a musical moved from off-Broadway to Broadway and then into legend: how it had been born, in all-night bull sessions about dancing in musicals; how it had been nurtured, over two years of workshops financed by Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival; and how it had succeeded, garnering nine Tonys, the Pulitzer, and, ultimately, a record-setting 6,137 performances and $38.