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an informal discussion (usually among men)

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Come to think of it, maybe those late night bull sessions about lit-crit philosophy were not a waste of time after all.
Rehearsals for the film turned into extended bull sessions with cast and crew (most of whom worked on ``George Washington'') sharing their war stories of lost love.
As the scene shifts between Japan in the late 1970s and South Vietnam ten years earlier, Dillon encounters a menagerie of characters who, despite their diverse backgrounds, share a fondness for marathon bull sessions on heady subjects.
Bull Sessions, branded with the name, incorporates Merrill Lynch's logo and the American expression denoting an open-ended discussion.
Little did we know that it would take 15 years to exhaust that zeal, as this plain little show about chorus kids auditioning for a musical moved from off-Broadway to Broadway and then into legend: how it had been born, in all-night bull sessions about dancing in musicals; how it had been nurtured, over two years of workshops financed by Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival; and how it had succeeded, garnering nine Tonys, the Pulitzer, and, ultimately, a record-setting 6,137 performances and $38.
But even as the language and the frequency of the late-night bull sessions distract, the movie grimly returns time and time again to its core theme: the strength of the survival instinct.
In August 1998, they convened a group of 50 people in Durham, North Carolina, to continue the bull sessions.
Major companies and schools have Web sites and routinely distribute information and schedules on the World Wide Web dancers on tour routinely use e-mail to keep in touch with friends; dance lovers enjoy spirited debates in newsgroup bull sessions and in chat rooms.
Lovullo also writes about the frustrations overcome, the unplanned jam sessions with the stars and the show's backup musicians, the late-night bull sessions, the impromptu belly laughs.
The review of What It Means was condescending (and one condescends to a writer like Charles Murray at one's peril) and full of passages dismissing libertarian thought as the stuff of college late-night bull sessions, "fringe elements and half-baked ideas," with a passing swipe at REASON as soft on polygamy.
After the retirement parties, and all-night bull sessions commiserating with longtime buddies still on the force were over, the homicide partners headed off in different directions and lifestyles.
Beyond the mansions and museums, the fun of Astoria is simply strolling the commercial strips and side streets, stopping to chat with the residents who gather on the sidewalks for impromptu bull sessions.