bull session

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an informal discussion (usually among men)

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A bull session is really nothing but a bullying session, with a group of mean girls wanting to point out your flaws, supposedly to correct you and make you a better person.
He writes that Kennedy's idea for a Peace Corps came in a "bull session" at the University of Michigan.
And like a bull session, the book touches on all the big subjects: politics, culture, philosophy, religionespecially religion.
As explained by diplomats, it was mainly a bull session to toss around ideas with the Obama Administration and not a decision-making conference.
Unlike the dignified discourse of an old-time parlor or the lively give-and-take of a dorm-room bull session, online conversations take place with participants distant from one another in space and often separated by time as well.
The Keg Wrap idea emerged from a college bull session involving Hunnell and Slavin.
In fact, it's kind of weird to go from painters hanging out in bars arguing over their discipline to a virtual bull session in the smoke-free, ethanol-unscented, digital ozone.
The project for 2002 was hatched, as so many good projects are, during a bull session among four shooters and hunters.
Avoiding the flashy aggression of many M.C.s, their conversational performances and rhymes suggest a lively bull session, sweetened by '70s funk grooves.
InfoExpo Focus: New Gaucho and Prescribe corn insecticide products; new soybean and cotton products; joint sponsor of Beer and Bull session
Day after day, week after week, bull session after bear session, the story remains remarkably the same: Retailing stocks are about as desirable as a good case of diphtheria -- and just as hard to get rid of, too.
When the bull session volume goes up, so does production, said Linda Koester.
It's all quite a lot (New York magazine called the book "an inspired undergraduate bull session, a hyper interdisciplinary thought rush...").
Put up signs and try for a lunch-hour or after-hour bull session. Check with system and network administrators.
First, "It was bad news for good writing when they brought good management into the newsroom," then electronic messaging "did more damage by eliminating the bull session." Allen survived.