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a disease of pigs resulting in swelling of the snout

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One of the oldest named varieties in commerce is the Bull Nose Pepper, which appears in the mid 18th century, as a blocky, somewhat squat irregularly lobed pepper, with a strongly creased blossom end.
The roof is now nearing completion, it is watertight, the bull nose is almost complete and a quarter of the granite has been laid.
After studying the operation, Bair suggested that a recently introduced Ingersoll Chip-Surfer high-feed bull nose cutter with replaceable tips would improve the roughing rate on soft stock by at least three to one and reduce tooling costs to boot.
Fair organiser Geoff Price with a model Bull Nose Morris.
The construction of the panels entailed the use of birch plywood from Finland, curved profiled birch bull nose sections from Italy and a serge felt from Germany.
We use a flat extrusion track to tuck in the liner and put the brick bull nose right over top of that," Boglino explains.
The product catalog includes ball, flat, and Toroid inserts for HPM as well as solid carbide ball, flat, bull nose, and Toroid HPM tooling.
Pre-printed web will be diecut with registration, island placed, bull nose transferred into the new heat seal packager and sheeted.
Duck hunters and shallow-water fishermen were taken into consideration when Excel designed the new Bull Nose (named for its massive crash-resistant tubular bow).
The story in last Saturday's edition told how firefighters, RAF and police helicopter crews, the Barry Dock Lifeboat, an ambulance crew and the coastguard rescued the boy, who was wearing only a T-shirt and jeans from a cliff known as the Bull Nose, between Porthkerry and The Knap, Barry, on Friday.