bull neck

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a thick short powerful neck

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Cervical lymph nodes were markedly enlarged and tender leading to diffuse swelling of neck conventionally called BULL NECK and breathing difficulty.
He repeats this odd behaviour; I can hear the noise of the jewellery he wears bouncing around his homemade tattooed bull neck.
But even more praiseworthy than heartthrob Cooper's newly acquired bull neck and bear chest is the anguish his Navy SEAL sharpshooter conveys as moral qualms keep coming into his crosshairs.
20 Kempton Britain's largest finch with a large head, bull neck and a powerful, conical bill.
As a designer, he applies the highest quality standards in production: only hard-wearing, smooth, heavy-duty leather is used for the cabinetry, while natural grain, ultra-soft bull neck leather is used for the hand-made armchairs and lounge sofas.
When he gets on a real spit of invective the veins in his bull neck are bulging, his legs are jammed into the floor like landed spears and the mic' lead is coiled around his hand as if he is about to punch someone out.
Right', said Pig Man Bull Neck, 'let's get an eye test sorted for you then'.