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Synonyms for bull's-eye

a lantern with a single opening and a sliding panel that can be closed to conceal the light


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Bucket, opening another door and glaring in with his bull's-eye. "Two drunken men, eh?
Whenever they move, and the angry bull's-eyes glare, it fades away and flits about them up the alleys, and in the ruins, and behind the walls, as before.
By the noisome ways through which they descended into that pit, they gradually emerge from it, the crowd flitting, and whistling, and skulking about them until they come to the verge, where restoration of the bull's-eyes is made to Darby.
From whence it being only a step to the toffy shop, what could be more simple than to go on there and fill their pockets; or what more certain than that on their return, a distribution of treasure having been made, the usher should shortly detect the forbidden smell of bull's-eyes, and, a search ensuing, discover the state of the breeches-pockets of Tom and his ally?
Increased consumption in its sauces portfolio was supported by the launches of Bull's-Eye barbecue sauce and its healthy low-sugar range of tomato ketchup.
'We don't care, all right?' Kitchens said, when asked if the bull's-eye on the Browns had grown.
When a shot flies true, the thrill of the bull's-eye is tangible even to the observer.
Several different aiming options on the four shootable sides allow you to go precise if you wish, or give yourself a bigger bull's-eye for dropping long-range bombs.
BULLS-EYE TARGETS BARBECUE FANS FIRE up the barbecue as Bull's-Eye unleash three new American BBQ sauces for the summer.
For nearly three decades, Peterson Milla Hooks (PMH), the agency behind Target's iconic bull's-eye, has worked with blue-chip retailers such as Gap, JCPenney and Sephora.
Bull's-Eye Original BBQ Sauce, PS1.65, supermarkets Available in the US since 1985, this institution is now UK-side.
HITTING THE BULL'S-EYE: Hero will delight the little kids
A big, dark bull's-eye works well with a bright, round bead, because the bead won't "cover up" the entire bull's eye.
"What better way to stand behind that promise than with our own Bull's-eye? So beginning this fall, we'll begin the process of renaming all of our CityTarget and TargetExpress stores 'Target.' We'll rebrand those stores, both the new and existing, with our Bull's-eye logo.
Galaxies grow through collisions but it is rare to catch one in the process, and extremely rare to see a bull's-eye collision in progress.