bull's eye

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Synonyms for bull's eye

in target shooting: a score made by hitting the center of the target

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the center of a target

something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal

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The game is all about being a shooting champion by hitting the bull's eye at all challenging stages.
She made a brave attempt, striking a bull's eye and a 10 in her next two chances, but the damage was done and she eventually lost 20- 27.
An English pub atmosphere is clearly Bull's Eye's aim, and in certain capacities, they pull it off; but the dance floor in the center suggests that the late-night crowd is a little less of the chatting-over-a-few-beers type.
TEARS: Star kills lamb TORMENT: Jamie pins down bull as castration is done PAIN: Bull's eye bulges AGONY: Jamie helps cowboys hold down bull
The 8" Laser target has 8 1/2" reflective Laser Spots that attach to the bull's eye with an adhesive backing.
He took aim, fired and hit the bull's eye. the only problem was that emmons' shot hit the bull's eye on the wrong target.
The bull's eye levels will tell you when the shelter is level.
In all six cases, the bacteria from the first and second bull's eye carded different DNA.
Steel is chief among those contaminants that are dangerous to the grinder, says Charley Duffy, owner of Bull's Eye Demolition in Cape Coral, Fla., which operates a 6700 Peterson grinder to process wood debris for the mulch market.
The SB-2000 shrink wraps up to 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent "bull's eye" placement.
Almost 25% shorter than conventional machines in its class, the SB-2000 shrink wraps up to 30 transport packs per minute with low energy consumption and consistent "bull's eye" placement.
25 Years Ago Local crowds cheered in delight after the Prince of Wales scored a bull's eye on his fourth score in the Lords and Common rifle match in Bisley.
Whether playing straight-ahead post-bop ("Old and Young Blues," "Bull's Eye"), modern Latin jazz ("Sue's Samba"), or a gentle and contemplative jazz waltz ("Valtz Med"), Bailey displays all the intelligence, taste, and skill one could ask for in either a composer or a guitarist.
That I can't shoot bull's eye worth a damn anymore.