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Synonyms for bulky

Synonyms for bulky

extremely large; having great mass

having a large body, especially in girth

difficult to handle or manage

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of large size for its weight

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She said: "Because of an unusual amount of requests for bulky waste collections, there's been delays of up to six weeks.
John Heraty, a Bulky Bob's driver and part of the team that cleared the waste from Alder Hey
Coun Phil White, cabinet W member for communities, said: "As a local authority we have to pay for the disposal of all the bulky items we collect, and these new charges will help to cover those costs.
Hamad Al Amrie, General Manager of the CWM said, random disposal of bulky waste on the streets (such as old furniture and electronics) is a negative phenomenon and distorts the aesthetic appearance and cultural heritage of the city.
Mr Doran said: "Even though we knew we had done an excellent job over the past nine years collecting, reusing and recycling Liverpool's bulky household waste and have won a number of national awards, we were not complacent and knew we had to pull out all the stops to make sure we were successful.
Optional semi-closed, hog-type rotors with four staggered sections and five cutting knives on each section allow for easy processing of purgings and other bulky, thick-walled parts.
In all my years as a councillor I have never heard of a complaint about bulky rubbish collections until Richard McComb wrote his piece in The Post and Pamela Creed decided to jump on the bandwagon.
The Coopies Way area is considered suitable as it is already home to a number of bulky goods operators.
Ideally," he told the Times, "people wouldn't carry any backpacks or bulky packages on the transit system.
The project includes requests for collection services for municipal solid waste, single-stream recyclables, brush, yard waste and bulky waste; disposal services for collected yard waste and brush; processing services for collected single-stream recyclables, Type IV construction and demolition waste and large bulky items; transport services; and lease and operation of Fort Worth's Southeast Landfill.
BULKY pieces of rubbish like old sofas and shopping trolleys dumped in rivers aren't just an eyesore but a potential cause of floods with devastating effects on homes and businesses.
Zeolite's networks alter chemical reactions through a process of "shape selection": The cramped quarters prevent some bulky molecules from getting in and others from getting out.
Makers of the invisibleSHIELD Fight Bulky Cases in Search of a Scratch-Free World
The subject of the contract is the provision of containers (roll containers - arc) at the transfer center grbern of the zaoe, the takeover of bulky waste, the transport to a treatment or recycling plant and the proper recycling of bulky waste from the meissen region in accordance with the recycling management act (krwg) association territory of the zaoe.
All the furniture given away was collected as part of social enterprise Bulky Bob's bulky household waste collection service, which operates across Liverpool.