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Synonyms for bulky

Synonyms for bulky

extremely large; having great mass

having a large body, especially in girth

difficult to handle or manage

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of large size for its weight

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"Bulky waste collections are not something the authority has to provide but we know residents value the service.
This announcement is an invitation to other bulk industry entities and professionals to join BASF and Trimac in Bulky, the freight matching consortium.
Bulky waste is furniture, household electrical items, such as televisions, and white goods like fridges and freezers -- essentially the items you no longer need but cannot fit into a bin.
As part of the draft 2019/20 revenue budget, a review of charges for bulky waste collection could pull in an extra PS15,000.
"What we're looking to do with bulky waste is introduce almost a menu, at the moment we have one set price no matter what we're actually picking up," he said.
There is a way of lifting weights that will help you get toned without getting bulky and a lot of health benefits can change your body, such as:
The bulky waste collection suspension leaves many households without the means to move unwanted items from their homes or driveways.
The goal of this conversion is to accommodate residents and eliminate the need to call the city and request to remove bulky trash, debris and brush in alleys.
Bulky Bob's manager, Mick Hart, said: "When we started the job, there were 15,000 items of old furniture waiting for us in the old staff car park.
"I am sure many residents behave responsibly and take their bulky rubbish to household recycling centres.
I went online to book a slot with Envirocall for a bulky waste collection, choosing a slot on July 29, and duly paid my PS15.
NEW charges have been introduced by Bridgend County Borough Council for the collection of all bulky waste items, such as carpets, sofas, beds and chairs.
BIRMINGHAM residents can get their bulky rubbish collected five days a week from next month.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Residents in the emirate of Abu Dhabi have been urged not to dispose bulky waste beside garbage bins on pavements and roads as it defaces the appearance and cultural heritage of the city.