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Synonyms for bulky

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Synonyms for bulky

extremely large; having great mass

having a large body, especially in girth

difficult to handle or manage

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Words related to bulky

of large size for its weight

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As Comstock bulkily rolls over in his grave, his work is now the fodder for the educational efforts of sexual historians like Grady Turner.
Al Sharpe plays his bulkily vintage drumkit very softly, but with purposeful intent,embellished by strategically placed woodblock plunks.
His uncouth gestures ("moving bulkily" and bumping "against the furniture") before pushing Lancelot out of the room are in sharp contrast with the mannered social exchanges, compliments and shows of enthusiasm of a little earlier.
But that was not where I was; and again I tried to shake out of mind that urge that always made me see everywhere in terms of somewhere else.) I made my way forward, aware, as I strode over the dusty flags, that a few rocks had been kicked or thrown or even, presumably, set there by others suited against the near-vacuum as bulkily as I.
The soft furnishings, in particular, must have been built to Ingvar's precise specifications; they feature today's bulkily padded upholstery, so that even the most delicate shin will not be jarred when it is navigating the lounge without the lights havin g been turned on, and thoughtfully IKEA has avoided fitting most of its sofas with castors, reducing the risk of sending them skidding through the patio windows.