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Synonyms for bulky

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Synonyms for bulky

extremely large; having great mass

having a large body, especially in girth

difficult to handle or manage

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Words related to bulky

of large size for its weight

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In this way he collected data in a precise and measured way and over the decades built up a large archive of eyepiece impressions, hence the reference to his 'bulkiest files'.
The split folding rear seats mean the massive boot area can be extended even further to accommodate even the bulkiest of objects.
Your subwoofer, which is the bulkiest of the speakers as it provides bass, can be positioned anywhere but preferably in a corner where it produces tighter bass.
Miller had appeared on the September 2007 issue of Vogue, an edition that weighed nearly five pounds and was the bulkiest issue of any magazine ever.
Those glancing shots off your ribs or shoulder blades make you swear you'll buy the bulkiest pads on the market.
The documentation of learning often forms the bulkiest part of the portfolio as learners include many types of documentation, including letters of attestation written by externals to validate their learning claims, and copies of credentials, awards, certificates, and other artifacts.
Vikram Seth and Vikram Chandra have published what might be called the bulkiest novels in recent times.
In addition, there are certain job categories (e.g., auto mechanic, carpenter, electrician, and plumber) where, to guard against employee theft of items such as tools and safety equipment, employers require employees to purchase and own all but the bulkiest of tools and equipment.
He got a minion to do it which seemed sensible considering he could have wrecked the other knee when attempting to lift his bulkiest bag.
Leg zippers that open to the hip make it easy to don this great rain pant over even the bulkiest foul-weather boots.
The screen, now the bulkiest piece of the equipment, rolls up for transport.
Launched in November, TVE's six-channel digital terrestrial TV multiplex is Spain's bulkiest: TVE-1/La2; news feed Canal 24 Horas; sports channel Teledeporte; golden oldies channel TVE 50; and tots-to-teens Clan TVE, which addresses European public TV's Achilles' heel: lack of attractive children's programming.