bulk modulus

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the ratio of the change in pressure acting on a volume to the fractional change in volume

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It is now interesting to compare the ratio in bulk modulus to the ratio in the degree of anisotropy during sorption for the two polymers.
Three-dimensional elastic-plastic large deformation finite element analysis with the sub-modeling technique is carried out to obtain the local stress and strain fields at different rubber bulk modulus.
Inserting the bulk modulus, K, instead of the compressibility, changing the sign as required by the definition of the bulk modulus K, and omitting the indices, we obtain
The effective bulk modulus is the same as that for the composite sphere model, while the shear modulus is derived as a quadratic equation in terms of the shear moduli of the inclusion and the matrix, and their Poisson's ratios.
at the beginning of cure, is essentially dependent on the bulk modulus, being the shear modulus (given by Eq 4) of a lower order of magnitude.
0], the bulk modulus (as in (1) in Section 1) according to
The isentropic bulk modulus of the biofuels conditioned by irradiation with ultrasound was determined by using the Newton-Laplace formula (Tat, Van Gerpen 2003b; Dzida, Prusakiewicz 2008):
The characteristic impedance and wavenumber can be related to the effective density, effective bulk modulus, and angular frequency ([omega]) of the sound waves (11):
2 (discussed in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society article) describe mineral structure of the Al-tobermorite in a relict lime clast and its mechanical properties, computed as bulk modulus.
Other tests carried out at the centre include uplift determination, water ingress, bulk modulus, compression and creep.
Sub-ambient measurements will also be available to around - 15 degC, providing more accurate calculation of bulk modulus and volume coefficient of expansion for elastomer data, generated to simulate under-sea application.
L], bulk modulus B, shear modulus G, Young modulus E, and Poisson ratio v.
The autoclaved coatings were also subjected to surface wettability characterizations and bulk modulus measurements.
For years, scientists rated diamond, with a bulk modulus of 442 GPa, as the world's strongest material.