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the ratio of the change in pressure acting on a volume to the fractional change in volume

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Neglecting such details, it is possible to derive [39] a simple effective medium theory for the porosity dependence of bulk moduli. In this approach, the classical model of an ionic solid [40] was taken as an idealized, pore free, reference system.
The model used in this work provides simultaneous, self-consistent representations of the elastic and bulk moduli for polycrystalline ceramics as functions of temperature and porosity.
As indicated earlier, FEA requires decay in shear and bulk moduli, not the compressive.
Christensen [12] has derived the following simple expressions for the composite shear and bulk moduli:
Section three presents a newer method to monitor shear and bulk moduli of rubber under recycling temperature and the circulation of fluids.
As shown for PE, when combined with the concurrent stress variation such data can be used to calculate bulk moduli using the same formalism as normally applied to elastic solids.
where [[G.sup.*].sub.TT] and [[K.sup.*].sub.T] are the complex transverse shear and the plane-strain bulk moduli, respectively.
* Low strain amplitude single point bulk moduli were determined using a Mechanical Energy Resolver 1100A.
In the former system, excellent agreement with experiment for the change of bulk moduli over the whole range of volume fractions ([less than or equal to] 0.4) is obtained with both theories (32); see Fig.