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Synonyms for milk

draw milk from


  • draw milk from
  • express milk from

Words related to milk

a river that rises in the Rockies in northwestern Montana and flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River

take milk from female mammals

exploit as much as possible

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add milk to

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aureus in bulk milk in Norway produced enterotoxins as reported by Jorgensen et al.
Results were presented as mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD), and milk samples from farm cooling tanks and bulk milk transportation throughout the study are compared.
Three hundred thirty-four bulk milk samples were collected from farms that supplied milk to a dairy plant located in the northeast of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
after drinking bulk milk provided by two local dairy farms, it said, adding
The Dutch government then implemented frequent compulsory bulk milk tank testing in 2009 because individual testing of animals was determined to not always be accurate.
Department of Homeland Security has identified potential contamination of bulk milk as a focus area for security improvements.
According to Frederic Vincent, the European Commission's spokesperson for Health and Consumer Policy, the EU Food and Veterinary Office had noted as far back as 2003 that SCC was being assessed on a bulk milk supply basis in the United States, and had made a recommendation at that point that the switch be made to ensure that testing of raw milk for SCC was based on individual holding samples.
Occasionally the bulk milk tanker was late collecting from his farm.
Since then, he has focussed on milk and has a footprint across 73 villages of the Kolar district of Karnataka, services 419 dairy farmers through a network of 88 milk collection centres backed by bulk milk chilling centres and has so far procured 2.
milk production began to outpace consumption, bulk milk prices plunged to levels they were at 18 years earlier, and farmers were left with too many cows and too much milk.
Aflatoxin M and ochratoxin A in raw bulk milk from french dairy herds.
Raw-milk samples were collected February 20 from a dairy A bulk milk tank and February 28 from the home of an ill person.
I could not foresee then that when I grew to adulthood I would own a much larger dairy farm near Whitehall, New York, where, shortly, bulk milk tanks would replace the old milk cans, large tractors with cabs would become standard, and the barns would grow in size to accommodate ever larger herds of cows.
By switching 20% of the bulk milk market over to Ecolean pouches, 30,000 tonnes of packaging waste would be saved.
Dairy cooperatives face a challenge in converting to bulk milk handling.