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mail consisting of large numbers of identical items (circulars or advertisements) sent to individual addresses at less than 1st-class rates and paid for in one lot

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To quickly delete bulk mail, find one of the messages, open it, click the More menu and select "Filter messages like this.
The state-owned business, which plans an imminent PS3bn stock market flotation, said adding barcodes to letters will allow businesses to track bulk mail consignments through the postal system and into post bags.
He continues, "Getting our company on a GSA schedule will expand our reach beyond the federal level to numerous state and municipal agencies throughout the country as they will be able to take advantage of our bulk mail services at set government pricing.
The bulk mail handling will transfer to a newly-built centre in Warrington, with just three new small delivery offices being built in Liverpool to take the work that is currently handled within Copperas Hill.
Some days, she can only carry bundles for one side of the street at a time because of the sheer volume of bulk mail.
Under the new licence it is allowed to deliver mail direct to the door of businesses, carry bulk mail and provide tracked business-to-business deliveries as well as its document services.
Bulk mail accounts for 90% of the correspondence that Sepomex handles, so Rodarte and his colleagues have focused their attention on retaining and attracting corporate customers.
The court held that the department's ban on inmates' receipt of non-subscription bulk mail and catalogs violated the First Amendment, where the department's asserted interest in preventing the receipt of contraband, reducing fire hazards, increasing the efficiency of random cell inspections, and enhancing prison security were not rationally related to the mail directive.
Postal Service offers free bulk mail training seminars.
THE location of Consignia's new bulk mail distribution centre in South Wales has been announced.
These include by correspondent, date received, attachment, and bulk mail (mail not specifically addressed to you).
Reducing the volume of bulk mail you receive saves trees, energy, landfill space and water--not to mention your time.
In addition, virtually all c3 and c4 mailings are sent out on the special nonprofit bulk mail rate of 9.
As marketers move up the effectiveness curve from undifferentiated bulk mail to dynamic content to behavior-based triggering, they finally are starting to create more effective and efficient customer relationships.
Contract notice: This contract relates to assign services for the supply of a bulk mail for the needs of the screening company asl viterbo, for a period of 2 years amount to auction 440 000 eur excluding vat.