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hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing

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Obviously, most people lived in local communities like Colyton and so the variants on the larger themes bulk large in any account that gives primacy to lived experience in the world of work, class formation and gender relations--as opposed to neo-classical generalities and model-building
Thomas d'Aquin', Aquinas is not seen to bulk large in Sebond's thinking.
Foreign affairs inevitably bulk large, though less overwhelmingly than in Black, and much better integrated into the general political narrative.
The final four chapters treat more specific themes which bulk large in the discussions of the period: the music of the ancients, where the ideologies of revived classicism mask the dearth of knowledge; medieval music, where difficulties of reconstruction are only very slowly overcome amid disputes concerning the sacred and the profane, the Gallican and the ultra-montane; opera and opera comique, variously held to be a renaissance of Greek spirit or completely new; and the question of biography (even, for Gretry, autobiography) and its changing relationship to ideas concerning musical genius and the composer.
Milton does bulk large (four complete chapters and much of a fifth), but there are chapters also on Lovelace, Herrick, and Eikon Basilike; on Levellers, Diggers, and Ranters; on Marvell, Lovelace, and Cowley; and on the Restoration fortunes of these writers and their traditions, noting shrewdly (and correctly) the paradox that |the Puritan aesthetic, in the literary context, survives the political reverses of the Restoration far better than the culture of the court' (303).