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Synonyms for bulgy

curving outward

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There was too much material at the sides of the cups, and it made her look bulgy. Other than pointing that out, Lindsay said little to Terah and spent most of the time texting, when she wasn't lying on her back on a towel with her arms and legs at angles to her tight torso, thicker and straighter than Terah's, and her sunglasses pointed toward the God Dale was always reading about.
While most of the other battery packs are a menace with their rather bulgy dimensions, the Samsung battery pack is perfectly portable in every situation, easily slidable into your pants' pocket.
That phone had the same bulgy sides and a similar matte back.
Essentially you're asking yourself 'how bulgy is this eye?' as opposed to 'how curved is this cornea?,' so keratometry readings are of little value.
Are you tired of holsters that are bulky and bulgy? Are you ready for an amazingly comfortable and fast method for concealing your pistol?
5 and Fig.7, when the biochemically binded boards SYG22 of wood fiber by SYG pretreat broke, the length of bulgy fiber was more consistent, the interface was inseparable, cavitationis was low, fracture behavior was ductile rupture according to the fracture surface morphology; however, when the biochemically binded boards SQG23 of wood fiber by SQG pretreat broke, the length of bulgy fiber was inconsistent, cavitationis was many, fracture behavior was pull-off phenomenon according to the fracture surface morphology.
Bulgy and nebulous in December, it narrowed in mid-January into twin beams, like a pair of headlights in fog.
The two bulges indicated by dashed squares imply that large excess strain is stored in the inner layers around the bulgy regions, which prevent from significant deformation of the outer layers by pushing them outward.
Signs that rheumatologists look for are morning stiffness in and around the joints, tissue swelling, bulgy knuckles, wrists or lumps of tissue under the skin and bone erosion.
He's got big bulgy eyes so we called him Popeye, or Pops for short.
Angelito is scared to celebrate El Dfa de los Muertos with the Living because his big sister has told him all about their horrifying bulgy eyes and squishy skin.
Today I watched a very delightful sunset--the sun like a great bulgy apricot: I had forgotten how quickly it sinks.
Labially, a well developed furrow separates the bulgy hypoconid from the strong protoconid.