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Synonyms for bulging

curving or bulging outward


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curving outward

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My husband who is just 50 years of age has a bulging tummy which makes him far older than his age.
Q We have four goldfish and they all seem healthy but one has developed bulging eyes.
Children whose ear infections involve severe bulging of the eardrum are likely to benefit from antibiotic treatment, while children with a peaked tympanogram pattern are likely to recover from the infections without the use of antibiotics, according to study results.
And, much like Earth's oceans respond to Moon's tiny but persistent pull by bulging outward, this core also responds to the pull exerted by Saturn's many moons.
Dr Yassir Abou-Rayyah, Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, who led the surgical team, said: "This was a very severe case and a very complex surgical procedure to remove the massive tumour and relieve the pressure on the optic nerve and the bulging eye.
Don Parker, who was facing a second surgery to treat the bulging eyes and double vision due to Graves' eye disease, followed the regime and lost more than 35 pounds by giving up soda pop and eating a low-carb, gluten-free diet with lots of vegetables.
However, the driver denied the charges and instead blamed the woman's bulging buttocks for the misunderstanding.
She complained of painless left flank bulging, which was seen on physical examination.
A word pronounced like one or more letters not all of which it contains are not self-contained, but "bulging".
Fresh off the "bait press" from Contraband Baits is the Crappie Comet, with it's bulging body and long tail--$1.79 for 1 rigged jig and 2 plastic bodies, email: contrabandbaits@neo.rr.com.
What is the difference between a bulging disk and a herniated disk?
The relevant description is case 45, which has various subheadings (rubrics) in red hieratic: TITLE: Instructions concerning bulging tumours of the breast.
A series of bulging tests for various combinations of internal pressure and axial feed (so-called loading paths) were conducted while continuously recording the bulging process with the ARAMIS system (22).
The new Street Nurse scheme has been launched by NHS Ayrshire and Arran to target members of the public who would not normally visit their GP about their bulging waistlines.
Examination of some fired cases revealed a noticeable bulge in the area of the conversion's feed ramp and when hyper-velocity loads were fired I thought bulging was excessive.