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Synonyms for bulge

Synonyms for bulge

a part that protrudes or extends outward

to curve outward past the normal or usual limit

Synonyms for bulge

swell or protrude outwards

cause to bulge or swell outwards


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Astronomers think the bulge could have formed in two different ways: it may have formed when the Milky Way Galaxy merged with other galaxies; or it may have formed without the help of external influences as an outgrowth of the bar, which itself forms from the evolving galactic disk.
Next, a PS57,000 handout was given for the bulge class - but another communication claimed the council was not aware of the bulge class despite the funding.
As a result, their old bulges did not stay properly tethered to the hair follicle when the newly growing hair pushed past it.
Paola Di Matteo (Paris Observatory) adds that the discovery adds to evidence that mergers played little role in shaping the Milky Way's bulge: "This is another strong indication of the fact that our bulge has been mainly, if not entirely, formed via disk evolution and instabilities."
A similar group, Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, was formed by a group of veterans in Virginia in 1980.
In modern parlance, however, the term has to do with the implications for the Arab world, and for other countries in the the Third World; of that phenomenon that social scientists in recent years have called it "youth bulge." It's a term coined by the German demographer Gunnar Heinsohn in the mid-1990s.
But this fossil bulge process cannot fully account for the current shape of the moon.
Voices of the Bulge: Untold Stories from Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
One week later, the patient was seen at follow-up and complained of an unsightly painless bulge of the left flank (Fig.
Mattifying balm, PS20, www.wildaboutbeauty.com BACK INTO SHAPE FOR anyone who experiences the misery of 'back fat' - that unsightly bulge of flesh caused by your bra strap - Sainsbury's may just have come up with the perfect solution.
Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge. By John Nelson Rickard.
The patent-pending delivery device to be used by medical practitioners is a specifically designed needle/catheter delivery system that will inject cells directly into the annular tear that is causing the bulge or herniation.
In the article "Re-battling the Bulge" by Joe Razes [Landings, December 2010], I was struck by the missed opportunities that he passed up at the Battle of the Bulge Reenactment.
A Youth Bulge occurs when large number of young people constitute the over all population of a country or society.
Unlike the bulge bracket firms for whom high-touch trading is a substantial part of the business, agency brokers have smaller budgets and tend to rely on their technology and low-touch trading services to win clients.