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nightingale spoken of in Persian poetry

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The bulbul is known for its lilting song that tells a thousand stories of love.
Dr Al Mohannadi, who heads the Environment Friends Society (EFS), said laws on protecting endangered species in the country such as Bahrain's national bird, the whitecheeked bulbul were regularly violated by illegal traders, who were rarely punished.
"Bahraini bulbul is a classic example - the law names the bird and we have reported the public trading of the bird (both endangered and migratory) to the SCE with documented proof, but nothing has been done till date.
The intoxicated birds which had been starving for a day, are made to fight, targeting a banana and with the stronger bulbul emerging the winner after which both the birds are released back into the forest.
The two Bulbuls, cousins rather than siblings, are equally affecting, contributing in no small measure to the final scene's devastating conclusion.
With: Elif Bulbul, Mehmet Bulbul, Mete Donmezer, Mehmet Usta, Mustafa Uzunyilmaz, All Bakir, Mehmet Cigdem, Ozcan Ucar, Kerem Petek, Hanim Bulbul, Raziye Guleroglu, Samet Kavakli, Mert Kavakli, Serhat Kavakli.
The individual on Sir Bani Yas was located when the agitated alarm calls of several White-cheeked Bulbuls Pycnonotus leucogenys led the observers to expect they might have encountered a roosting migrant Scops Owl Otus scops.
However, the proportion of species numbers was very similar among these sites (e.g., for birds: pigeons, cuckoos, hornbills, bulbuls, babblers, flycatchers, spiderhunters, and flowerpeckers; for mammals: treeshrews, monkeys, squirrels, and civets) with some exceptions (e.g., for birds: eagles and woodpeckers; for mammals: rats).
Hunters reported (sometimes estimated) the numbers of animals seen at any one encounter, which might range from a solitary gibbon or hornbill to a troop of langurs or a horde of bulbuls. These numbers do not represent extant population sizes because particular animals might have been encountered more than once and therefore counted numerous times.
The members include school appointees, prefects, club secretaries, scouts and guides, cubs and bulbuls, campus care force representatives and house captains of all sections of the school.
And I home in on the bulbuls ahead of a possible East Africa trip.
Rajesh Mishra Doha One of the best parts of winter mornings in Qatar is waking up to the melodious chant of bulbuls and pigeons and looking at flocks of migratory birds streaking through the sky.
Victor added that another bird that may become potentially invasive in Oman is the red-vented bulbul. "The red-vented bulbul is an introduced species from the Indian subcontinent.
Breeding biology of Red vented bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer) was studied in the areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
The following terrestrial species associated with swamp forest and riverine habitat were found throughout the swamp forests (with the exception of the bulbul, which has become extremely rare in recent years): Lesser Fish-eagle Ichthyophaga humilis Greyhaded Fish-eagle Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus Blue-eared Kingfisher Alcedo meninting Straw-headed Bulbul Pycnonotus zeylanicus Stork-billed Kingfisher Pelargopsis capensis White-chested Babbler Trichastoma rostratum Malaysian Blue flycatcher Cyornis turcosus