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nightingale spoken of in Persian poetry

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Bahraini bulbul is a classic example - the law names the bird and we have reported the public trading of the bird (both endangered and migratory) to the SCE with documented proof, but nothing has been done till date.
The story of this work started in 2014 when a team of astronomers led by Esra Bulbul (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
Many of the victims drowned while others were electrocuted, disaster management official Abdul Kuddus Bulbul told DPA.
For Business passengers travelling to all sectors, the airline has additionally replaced the international dessert on the meal tray with a rich collection of popular Arabic and Kuwaiti sweets namely Mamoul Walnut, Goraiba Kuwaiti and Aish Al Bulbul.
Speakers while paying tribute to the late actor said that Badar Munir was not only an excellent performer but was also a great social worker later filmstar Jehangir Khan, Shahid Khan, Saeed Munir, Zardad Bulbul, Arshad Hussain, Nimra Farah, Reema Khan and Gulalai performed on Badar Munir prominent Pashto songs and famous comedian Syed Rehman Sheno, Shaheen Shah, and Afsar Khan presented skit which was highly appreciated and lauded bye audience.
Bulbul Jan Shams, Regional Program Manager, HFhighlighted that Denmark's support had played an important role in reviving old cultural festivals for social and sectarian harmony, which had faded away over the past many decades.
There are no bulbuls in England -- I did my bulbul fix this summer in Vietnam where there are dozens of different species -- but the music comes courtesy of Robins, Blackbirds and Song Thrushes and the Hedge Accentor or Dunnock.
The Unlimited Stadium is designed to encourage people to push beyond their limits,' said Bulbul Khera, senior director for marketing, Nike Southeast Asia.
He is joined in his adventures by Malika, his smart neighbor and classmate, Bulbul the talking donkey who is as silly as Sheikh Chilli himself, Khatkoo the pocket-sized dwarf friend from another planet and Noorie Djinn, a genie who is capable of fulfilling all of Sheikh Chilli's wishes.
For meetings, trainings, conferences or social occasions, the hotel's Function Rooms Oryx and Bulbul can seat between 20 to 250 guests.
Nyala, May 26 (SUNA)- A reconciliation conference between Taayesha and Salamat tribes started Thursday at Bulbul Locality, South Darfur State, following differences that erupted two years ago in Rehaid Al-Birdi and Um-Dafog locality.
In the play Love Boat or [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Sofinat al-Hobe)--no relation to the '70s TV show--which was performed in April in Amman, Jordan, at the French Institute's Cultural Center, Syrian actor/director Nawar Bulbul used comedy, singing, and dancing to reveal the resilience of Syrian refugees even in the face of physical violence, imprisonment, and loss of life.
Nawar Bulbul explique avoir aussi voulu briser dans cette piece [beaucoup moins que] trois grands tabous de la societe arabe : la religion, le sexe et la politique [beaucoup plus grand que].
Guest Prof Bulbul Dhar-James asked her the secret to looking so trim.
The lawyer has been instrumental in victories such as banning Victorias or horse- drawn carriages in Mumbai in June 2015, rescuing 30 turkey birds crammed in a 1ft x 2 ft box, fighting for street dogs that are beaten up mercilessly, helping temple elephants in Kerala, rescuing animals from slaughterhouses, prohibiting Bulbul bird fights in Assam and preventing tortoises and exotic birds from being illegally traded.