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Synonyms for bulbous

Synonyms for bulbous

shaped like a bulb

curving outward

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A northern bottlenose whale, showing bulbous forehead and beak
To make existing ships more energy efficient at these slower speeds, the NYK Group has been conducting research since the summer of 2013, studying measures such as remodelling the ship's bulbous bow and installing MT-FAST.
Because we focus in on the whole and muddle the parts: All we have in our eyes and in the sky and in our breathlessness is something bloating, billowing, ballooning, bulbous.
THESE amazing pictures show the captain of the world's biggest ocean liner as never before - standing precariously on the giant ship's bulbous bow a few inches above the ocean.
Many look bigger than the more fearsome false widows, which are no bigger than a 20p piece and have a brown bulbous abdomen with cream-coloured markings, often likened to the shape of a skull.
have divided the pneumatization of the middle concha into three groups: lamellar type is the pneumatization of the vertical lamella of the concha; bulbous type is the pneumatization of the bulbous segment; pneumatization of both the lamellar and bulbous parts is called extensive concha bullosa (2).
The RHS describes Eucomis as bulbous perennials forming a large basal rosette of strap-shaped leaves, with an erect stem bearing a dense raceme of star-shaped flowers, topped by a crown of leafy bracts.
HOUSTON (CyHAN)- At the onset of a series of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) on August 20, 2012, this bulbous CME certainly resembled a light bulb.
This high gloss, black-lacquered piece has three cupboards with push-catch paneled doors and very attractive short, bulbous feet, all of which add to the overall feeling of glamour.
What is the correct way to address you, bulbous or rotund?
The latest version, the design of which was unveiled in April, has a flatter roof, a less bulbous shape, narrowed windows and a crease along the side and no flower vase near the steering wheel.
Protect winter-flowering bulbous irises in the garden from severe cold or damp.
Katy wore the bulbous attire for her performance at the Jingle Ball concert in LA, where temperatures are currently a balmy 18 degrees Celsius.
It seems like only yesterday that the nation sent off their brave boys to bring back the bulbous trophy.
The garden would have an aquatic plants garden, in addition to cactus, Japanese, bulbous and nutrition gardens.