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shaped like a bulb

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From each pad, Weaver carefully removed about a dozen hairs (strands complete with their microscopic bulblike roots are best) and sent them to the genetics laboratory of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York.
Butternut--Not to be confused with buttercup, it has a tan exterior with a bulblike base.
But the corms (bulblike organs) cost only about 50 cents apiece, and they don't need chilling like spring-blooming crocus.
Around the West, in places where cultural conditions favor the commercial production of certain bulbs and bulblike plants, spring turns the growing fields into dazzling carpets of flowers.
Yet like buried treasures, summer-flowering bulbs and bulblike plants yield rewards to gardeners willing to give them the extra care they need to flourish from one year to the next.
* Late in the month, plant summer-flowering bulbs and bulblike plants, including calla, dahlia, gladiolus, and Mexican shell flower (Tigridia).
One quick way to double - or even quadruple - the number of perennial plants in your garden at no expense is to divide overgrown and crowded clumping perennials and bulblike plants.
* Late in the month, plant bulbs and bulblike plants, including calla, dahlia, gladiolus, and tigridia.