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small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers


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Based on these results, only 3rd instars were used in a 2nd experiment in which larvae were placed on leaves, brown bulbils, and tan bulbils (6 replicates each) and reared to adult emergence.
In the early summer, it produces an aerial inflorescence consisting of flowers (sexual reproduction), bulbils (asexual propagules), or a combination of both.
Yams belong to the family Dioscoreaceae and are members of the genus Dioscorea, which produce tubers and bulbils that are economically important [3].
Most of this variation in total bulbil biomass was due to an increase in the number of bulbils rather than a change in the average size of individual bulbils (number of bulbils, Myc * P, P = 0.
Under stressful conditions, a softneck type may partially bolt and grow a short pseudostem, which will subsequently produce a small number of bulbils just above the bulb, or clustered within the bulb itself.
Some produce tiny bulbs, or bulbils, in their leaf axils.
The bulbils of Allium sativum are ground into paste with cow and goat milk.
There is a variation of increment in flower production, flower quality and in the production of corms and bulbils as a function of the size of the planted corm (Hossian et al.
If allowed to flower, some varieties produce fleshy bulbils (little bulbs) atop the flower stalk.
It spreads by seed or the bulbs, depending on what type it is, producing smaller bulbs called bulbils, which are hard to eradicate.
gadam sorghum) and 3000 sisal bulbils and suckers distributed.
Above ground, these small bulbs, now called bulbils, appear where leaves meet stems.
Some ferns, such as the soft shield fern polystichum setiferum, occasionally produce bulbils along their central stem.