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Synonyms for bulbil

small bulb or bulb-shaped growth arising from the leaf axil or in the place of flowers


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Yams belong to the family Dioscoreaceae and are members of the genus Dioscorea, which produce tubers and bulbils that are economically important [3].
tequilana, including inflorescences, developing bulbils, leaves, roots, anthers and stem.
Allium vineale reproduces via three kinds of propagules, sexually produced seeds, underground asexual offsets, and aerial asexual bulbils; thus I was able to test for shifts in the allocation of resources to different reproductive modes as well as overall effects of mycorrhizal colonization on plant fecundity.
Stem arborescent, 1-3(7) m tall, often with numerous small bulbils
Unfortunately, it's extremely invasive and spreads by tiny underground structures known as bulbils.
TIGER lilies produce bulbils where the leaves join their stems.
is a perennial vine, the tubers and bulbils of which contain starch and are used as food (Coursey, 1967).
Your lilies have sprouted bulbils which can be picked off after the leaves turn yellow and grown into new plants.
AThese are bulbils and they allow you to grow more lilies easily.
Some varieties, such as tiger lilies, produce little bulbils up the stem that can be planted and grown in a cold frame to produce more flowering-sized bulbs in a few years time.
The crop that is propagated from the bulbils or rhizomes is planted at a depth of 3cm and a spacing of 3.
Leeks produce bulbils at their base; leave these to grow in place to produce an ever-expanding clump of thin leeks, or separate and transplant bulbils to create a standard crop.