bulbar conjunctiva

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the part of the conjunctiva covering the anterior face of the sclera and the surface epithelium of the cornea

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Although soft contact lenses protect the ocular media from all sources of UV radiation, it is important for patients to understand that on their own they do not provide sufficient ocular protection since they only inhibit UV reaching the cornea and limbus, leaving other ocular structures like most of the bulbar conjunctiva and adnexa exposed.
In 50% of animals tested (3/6), we observed viral antigen and PE CAM co-staining within vessels in the bulbar conjunctiva and in the newly formed vessels in the peripheral cornea (Figure 4).
The calf recovered uneventfully but there were folds in bulbar conjunctiva as complication of inflammation even at 15th day of surgery which was reducing slowly.
We developed a fully automatic methodology for bulbar hyperemia grading that comprises three steps: the segmentation of the region of interest within the bulbar conjunctiva, the computation of several hyperemia indicators, and, finally, the transformation of the computed features to the grade in a grading scale.
HE staining revealed that the connective tissue of the bulbar conjunctiva was markedly oedematous and loose, with vascular dilation and obvious congestion and containing an abundance of infiltrating neutrophils.
CM usually develops within the bulbar conjunctiva, rather than the forniceal or palpebral conjunctiva, and can arise in areas of primary acquired melanosis, from a preexisting nevus or de novo [2].
His chief complaint was a blurred vision for 7 months, combined with intermittent bulbar conjunctiva hyperemia that would spontaneously heal.
Mitomycin C was applied to bare sclera in group A and Conjunctival autograft taken from superior bulbar conjunctiva of same eye was sutured to the bare sclera in group B.
Physical examination demonstrated 3 dead wasps of the order Hymenoptera and numerous stingers in the integument of the forehead, nape, cranial cervical integument, chin, cheek, intermandibular integument, bulbar conjunctiva, palpebra, rhamphotheca, and cere.
The corneoconjunctival dermoid extended beyond the inferomedial limbus and then merged with the hairless tissue within the inferomedial bulbar conjunctiva of the left eye (Fig.
His vision was 20/20 in each eye, and a complete ocular examination revealed normal findings, except for a mass lesion involving the superior bulbar conjunctiva of the right eye and significantly displacing the globe inferiorly (Figure 1(a)).
Freddo, "Cytokeratin expression in normal human bulbar conjunctiva obtained by impression cytology," Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, vol.
All patients were conducted the history taking, common ophthalmological examination (visual acuity test, biomicroscopy, direct ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, perimetry), objective examination (decrease or absence of the tear meniscus at the eyelid margins, presence of conjunctival mucous secretions in the form of threads, local swelling of bulbar conjunctiva with superimposing on the free edge of the eyelid, flaccid conjunctival hyperemia, inclusions polluting the tear film).
Examination of her right eye revealed a reddish, non-ulcerated, firm to hard mass, fixed to the underlying structures, arising from the medial aspect of bulbar conjunctiva measuring five centimeters (Figure 1) in diameter.
* the bulbar conjunctiva that covers the sclera and includes the corneo-conjunctival limbus