bulbar conjunctiva

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the part of the conjunctiva covering the anterior face of the sclera and the surface epithelium of the cornea

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Staining profile typical for bulbar conjunctiva is triangle shaped with its base on the limbus (16).
1) The pterygium was then lifted from the body by giving stab incisions on its either side through the conjunctiva excised from bulbar conjunctiva and peeled off the corneal surface removing the tenon's capsule and episcleral from underneath.
The corneoconjunctival dermoid extended beyond the superotemporal limbus and into the superotemporal bulbar conjunctiva of the left eye.
It is present at the limbus for up to 360 degrees and at the exposed interpalpebral bulbar conjunctiva.
A 32yr old female presented with painless progressive growth from the bulbar conjunctiva near the inner canthus of the right eye along with swelling of the right upper eyelid and superomedial quadrant of the right orbit for five years.
The photoprotective cosmetic composition is non-irritating to a mammalian eye, and exhibits on a scale of 0 to 3 at least one of a bulbar conjunctiva irritation score of 0.
Bulbar conjunctiva was unexpectedly very well pigmented.
Hemangiosarcomas are tumors originated from vascular endothelium, and in the eye, they are generally manifested by the bulbar conjunctiva.
Once induced, bulbar conjunctiva was anesthetized with lidocaine 3%, then in the absence of corneal reflex, retinal lesion was performed by injecting 0.
describe a similar image analysis technique for Hgb concentration estimation that focuses on the bulbar conjunctiva capillaries rather than the retinal vessels (20).
One-hundred-and-three eyes of 99 consecutive patients undergoing routine cataract surgery were randomised to receive SCA either to the superior bulbar conjunctiva (n=52) or the inferior bulbar conjunctiva (n=51).
The eye showed mild erythema of the nasal bulbar conjunctiva and linear corneal abrasions.
Patients with "oketsu" syndrome revealed impairment of microcirculation on the basis of observiation of the blood flow of their bulbar conjunctiva by means of a video-microscope system (Terasawa et al.
Thus, carefully lifting the eyelids away will usually reveal normal bulbar conjunctiva (the white part of the eyeball) in the protected, unexposed areas and marked redness in the exposed, irritated areas when irritation is the cause of the conjunctivitis.
44) The presence of LIPCOF is assessed by viewing the area perpendicular to the nasal and temporal limbus on the bulbar conjunctiva above the lower lid.