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shaped like a bulb

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The bulb-shaped handle of this dynamometer is soft, 13 cm in circumference, and allows for easy gripping.
Zhang Jin'an, "most people are able to open their mouth to about four centimetres wide, while the bulb-shaped candy has a diameter of six centimetres."
The only way to tell where and when Osedax have been at work is by distinctive bulb-shaped cavities that they leave behind in a bone -- and it is these borings that have finally been recognized by Higgs.
And if you asked me which was my favourite bulb-shaped allium, onion would be in the top two.
Cushaw squash produce big, bulb-shaped fruits with dense, sweet flesh.
Tokyo, Dec 18, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Sharp Corporation will introduce nine new LED lighting devices, including SMD chip LEDs suitable for planar lighting fixtures, and Zenigata LED devices ideal for use in spot lighting and bulb-shaped lamps.
The beer flows freely and the sausages and garlic bread are selling like hot cakes (sorry, I don't think garlic cakes would ever catch on somehow, but we certainly have developed a taste for knobi-brot if the queues outside the big bulb-shaped stall at the foot of the Council House is anything to go by).
castelnavii for its terrestrial habit, the non bulb-shaped leaf base, the greater number of bracts of the scape, and their narrowly triangular shape and dark purple color (against the fewer, pink, wider and concave ones of A.
Bridget Holden, a grand-daughter of Swan, celebrated her 87th birthday by cutting a bulb-shaped cake to open the institute.
The bulb-shaped, consumptive Le Cri head is on one postcard, with "President" in snaky print about the skull, and "Quayle," in white, below the screamer's elbows.
It's a glass container with two long spouts extending from a bulb-shaped body.
As in humans, immature breast tissue in rats consists of bulb-shaped terminal end buds that, under the direction of female sex hormones, branch out and differentiate into a tree of lobules.
Cut cookies with a 3-inch bulb-shaped cookie cutter and make a hole in the top of each cookie with a skewer.