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a medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids

spray or irrigate (a body part) with a syringe

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Only bulb syringes are allowed in racecourse stable yards, but Twomey told the Ballinrobe stewards he was unaware of the rules regarding syringes.
Neonates were randomly assigned to receive either oronasopharyngeal suctioning with a bulb syringe or wiping of the face and mouth with a towel, starting immediately after the umbilical cord was cut and lasting as long as needed while in the delivery room.
More than 80% of parents believed both the recommended treatments of bulb syringe, saline drops and humidifiers were effective as well as the non-recommended treatments of OTC cough and cold medications and Vicks[R].
To avoid injuring blood vessels, don't place the bulb syringe or spray bottle very far into the nose.
He or she may recommend over-the-counter drops to soften the wax before using a bulb syringe to gently flush it out of your ear.
Chapters cover how to build and maintain a warming box, how to properly use a bulb syringe on newborn puppies, umbilical cord care, why puppies must ingest colostrum (an immunity boosting substance produced by the mother) or a suitable substitute early on, how to treat a sick newborn pup if veterinary care is not immediately available, remedying a puppy that becomes chilled or dehydrated, and much more.
This can usually be cleaned out successfully using a bulb syringe and a warm mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.
Babies can't blow their nose, so inserting a few drops of (unmedicated) saline nose drops into one nostril at a time and gently suctioning the nostril with an infant bulb syringe can help.
Primary care physicians often believe that rinsing the ear canal with a bulb syringe is an effective technique, but this can be a dangerous and painful procedure.
She said her husband barely had time to put on one glove and grab a bulb syringe before the baby made her entrance into the world.
Have patients or parents dean the anus carefully after each stool by wiping gently with moist wipes or, for small infants, using a bulb syringe for irrigation.
Rest and fluids, nasal cleaning with tissues or bulb syringe, and handwashing usually are the best ways to manage a cold.
Lectern, stable base with four swivel rhodes, fully chromed, adjustable height of 115 centimeters to 225 centimeters with two hooks,gynecological camilla, metal structure of three bodies to support head, trunk and extremidadesinferiores, including 2-inch mattress, capacity angular, head up 45 degrees, folding legs area, including 2 g,shopping cures, metal frame, stainless materials, carrying buckets and stainless steel tray holder stainless steel bowl with rubber rhodes,sphygmomanometer for adult, laptop, closing manga patient via velcro band insufflation hose and bulb syringe with pressure control valve, 0-300mmhg scale.