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  • noun

Synonyms for buildup

the result or product of building up

a systematic effort or part of this effort to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Words related to buildup

the act of building up an accumulation

the result of the process of accumulation

highly favorable publicity and praise

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Torque, buildup time, and T x B had significant effects on peak hand force (PFP), average hand force (AFP), and force impulse (IFP) during the torque buildup phase.
Surprisingly, the same materials used to suppress die lip buildup will also suppress melt fracture at much higher concentrations (2, 21).
Air sweeps pointed at the die exit can help reduce and control buildup. The air sweep is a wand contoured to the extrusion profile shape, with holes drilled in it to distribute compressed air.
Just as he ignored the inconvenient facts that undermined the case for his defense buildup and the weaknesses of his management style in the Pentagon, he ignored the intelligence reports and may even have perjured himself before Congress.
In general the conclusion is that though not much can be done to avert the further buildup of the greenhouse gases, the effects of a warmer climate on forests and forest industries can be mitigated through research and technological change.
Try "shaking" the vehicle with the steering or backing up to remove sand buildup. Remove accumulated sand by hand at your next stop.
A specific application would be to prevent the buildup of gritty ice granules in ice cream, he says.
Eliminate flow marks and buildup. Improve resin flow, promoting better wetting of reinforcements, substrates and mold surface.
A study in the August HUMAN REPRODUCTION finds that monkeys getting either of the two progesterone blockers have much less buildup of tissue and apparently less artery formation on the endometrium, says study coauthor Robert M.
A system audit performed at GM's Defiance, Ohio foundry provides practical solutions to emissions buildup in ducts, hoods and dust collectors.
Soot can also cause damage to boiler tubes, in addition to serious buildup problems that can translate into higher fuel bills in the short-term and debilitating mechanical problems further down the road.
Perform as processing aids and mold releases, Eliminate flow marks and buildup. Improve resin flow, promoting better wetting of reinforcements, substrates and mold surface.
The position of the gas takeoff from continuous cooling tunnels and within the shakeout enclosure in green sand foundries can greatly affect the type of buildup within the collection system.
Nationals begin buildup Monday !-- -- Olmin Leyba (The Philippine Star) - June 15, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Gilas Pilipinas coach Yeng Guiao underscored the value of sacrifice as the national cagers kickstart their buildup for the Fiba World Cup slated Aug.