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a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures

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Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity has opened ReStore, a home improvement and building supply store that accepts donations of surplus building materials from contractors and others and sells them back to the public.
Older children could even help with the refinishing project and pick out drawer pulls from a used building supply store or paint colors.
* a roll of flourescent surveyor's flagging plastic tape, available at any hardware or building supply store.
After the meeting, Joe went to the building supply store that sold his customer her custom cherry doors.
For grocery stores, there was no differences; however for the building supply store, consumers rated the incongruent product donation (i.e., food and cleaning supplies) more positively than the congruent donation (i.e., building supplies).
Even if you aren't able to get to the beach, you can still make sand crafts using sand purchased from a building supply store.
In their quest for information, students contacted and received materials, hands-on experience, and other information from a local flying club, a retired airline pilot, a building supply store, an airport's control tower and crew, and airport personnel.
A caller reported finding a "large quantity" of marijuana plant stems in the bushes near a building supply store.
The Plymouth Zoning Board of Adjustment has tabled a rehearing regarding construction of a Lowe's building supply store until early January.
An expansion will add 122,000 square feet of new development including 50,000 square feet each for a grocery and building supply store with other retail outlets.
Concrete mesh is available at any building supply store. It'll increase pad strength and resistance to cracking.
Even if you aren't able to get the beach, you can still make sand crafts using sand purchased from a building supply store.
Then, in late 2001, he walked into the hardware store recently purchased by the owners of the building supply store where his dad worked and asked for a job.
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