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a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures

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Hardware and building supply store offers new paint and color options and May rebate offer
The Plymouth Zoning Board of Adjustment has tabled a rehearing regarding construction of a Lowe's building supply store until early January.
They bought supplies at a cousins' building supply store in Salem, which provided the inspiration for Jerry's.
An expansion will add 122,000 square feet of new development including 50,000 square feet each for a grocery and building supply store with other retail outlets.
Even if you aren't able to get the beach, you can still make sand crafts using sand purchased from a building supply store.
A restaurant, an oil change shop, a building supply store and a furniture store are planned for the combined 1.
The facility we're operating out of used to be a retail building supply store that I operated.
They are just as likely to be found prowling the aisles of a nursery or a building supply store as any boutique.
and will begin moving in as soon as the building supply store moves into its own larger quarters.
We've already sold four truckloads of plywood,'' said Wendy Coletrain, a manager at the Home Depot building supply store in North Charleston.
A typical building supply store has about 20,000 square feet of floor space; big-box home improvement retailers like Home Depot or Lowe's have more than 100,000 square feet.
com), the only building supply store in the inland Northwest specializing in environmentally friendly building supplies and renewable energy resources
The Atlanta-based chain will launch a $5 million renovation of the building supply store near Delta Highway and Green Acres Road in late September, with completion hoped for by mid-January, store manager Sam Aguirre said.
For example, if a historic property is damaged, the materials needed to restore it may not be found at the local building supply store.
Property owners can determine whether they have Forestex siding by asking their builder, checking the manufacturer information stamped on the back of the siding, or taking a sample to a building supply store.
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