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a system that is part of some larger system

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ABGs are capable of representing and simulating static system structures and dynamic behaviours of different building subsystems. ABG's bicausal bond, extending from the bicausal bond introduced by Gawthrop (Gawthrop and Smith 1996), has two pairs of power variables attached to a bond.
This is achieved by identifying and activating tradeoffs that lead to efficient operation of the building subsystems, e.g., enabling the effective usage of available thermal storage such as building envelope and chilled water tanks for the HVAC subsystems.
At this year's event, Emirates Building Systems is showcasing products including structural steel, pre-engineered building, building subsystems, sheeting systems and steel decking, while Dubai Cranes manufactures overhead material handling equipment, wire rope hoists and industrial cranes.
"We are seeing that the market leaders in building subsystems such as security, access control, air conditioning, lighting and fire safety have started to embrace converged IP-based networking, which will lead to a broader adoption of twisted pair in much the same way that convergence occurred between voice and data services decades ago.
The conference agreement limited the deduction amount to $1.80 per square foot, with a partial deduction allowed for building subsystems. The Sec.
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