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a document authorizing the holder to construct a building of a particular kind on a particular lot

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The increase in the construction area of projects which received a building permit from local authorities in the first eight months of 2015 resulted from an 22 per cent increase in the construction area of housing projects to 455,410 meters, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.
Design contract "preparation and building permits m30 motorway section between miskolc-tornyosnemeti plans of building permit acquisition" of the subject.
Since its inauguration on February 2, 2014, efforts to update the building permit system have continued consistently, resulting in many obstacles being removed and shortcomings adjusted.
It will discuss former and current achievements in the second phase of the upgrading of the building permit system.
A new survey just released shows nationwide single family building permits increased 27 percent from a year ago in the first quarter to the highest first-quarter total since 2008.
December is typically a slow month for people submitting building permit applications, said Chris Hanson, plan review specialist with the city of Wenatchee.
He advised that it takes about one year from the time the first payment is required to the issuance of the building permit.
The board's decision was reversed by the trial court, and the town was ordered to issue a building permit.
Failure to obtain a building permit has been the most common abuse of county property codes for five years.
The $564 building permit for a 3,157-square-foot house would jump to $1,922.
However, despite the positive yearly increase, the monthly change shows a decrease in building permit valuations.
Most critically, from the US government's perspective, the law also had a provision requiring any large store developer to obtain the consent of local shopkeepers as a condition to the grant of a building permit.
In order to receive a building permit, some cities request that a contractor submit a plan that includes projections on the types and amount of materials to be generated, the facilities to which the materials will be taken and the anticipated diversion rates.
With an increasing volume of building permit applications, the City identified an opportunity to improve the quality of service offered by expanding its AMANDA implementation.
The area of projects which secured a building permit in January to July rose 20 per cent to 547,601 square metres while the respective value rose 25 per cent to over e1/4641.
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