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set of standards established and enforced by local government for the structural safety of buildings

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The building moratorium will not rescind permits already issued to ongoing building projects that have exceeded the eight-story ceiling set by a building ordinance, De la Pena said.
The section below discusses a number of Building Ordinances that were sequentially issued between the late 80s and early 90s in the wake of the 1982 Bicentennial Celebrations.
Either way, as more industries face uncertain (and increasing) regulations in areas ranging from carbon emissions to green building ordinances, even companies that come kicking their feet will need expert advice.
"There having been hitherto no good guide to the solution of these problems, in the form of journals or textbooks, it will be the privilege and the pleasing duty of The Building Manager and Owner in its future issues to discuss, ventilate, and shed the light of experience upon such important subjects as the following: insurance hazard and rate reduction, fire protection, taxes, labor unions, liability and casualty insurance, building ordinances, civic and municipal improvements, heating, ventilating, plumbing, coal tests, renting, new ideas and labor-saving devices, public service corporations, cooperation among building managers, and the proper conduct of various departments of service, such as janitor, elevator, painter, engine-room, and other departments."
Boston and San Francisco are the latest of more than a dozen cities and counties to adopt green building ordinances requiting LEED certification for government building construction and remodeling projects.
San Francisco Bay area municipal governments are working to grow sustainable communities, by passing green building ordinances, requiring energy-efficient designs, recycled content and a host of "green" strategies for public projects.
San Francisco joins nine other cities that have enacted green building ordinances requiring LEED certification, says the USGBC.
A standard property insurance policy covering camp property excludes any expense that is the result of the enforcement of building ordinances or laws regarding construction, use, or repair of property.
Rounding out the two-day conference were sessions on reconciling building ordinances and coverages, recent law developments, UM and third party claims, duty to defend construction defects and workmanship, mitigating business income loss, auto workshop, use and abuse of Xactimate, lawyer's ethics, adjusting with a public adjuster, insurance to value, BI claim problems, and government tort claims.
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