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set of standards established and enforced by local government for the structural safety of buildings

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The Government is committed to the Building Code to ensure taxpayer funded sites operate safely and efficiently, and projects are delivered on time and on budget, Minister Abetz concluded.
Support code adoption and enforcement mechanisms through an enhanced, well-resourced system of information provision to state and local officials as well as the public regarding benefits and mechanics of building codes and disaster-resilient construction.
By examining the detailed assessment elements, policymakers and other interested parties can find a clear roadmap to strengthen their residential building code system and improve their standing in this report.
Groups like the Canadian Wood Council and the Ontario Home Builders Association are lobbying for amendments to national and provincial building codes that will allow for six-storey wood frame developments.
A previous report determined many buildings along Mississippi's Gulf coast are ill-prepared for another significant hurricane because the state has few laws in place governing minimum building codes.
It would be ensured to implement the Building Code as well as the directives given by the High Court in this regard, the sources of the QMC said.
At a time when every dollar of federal spending is put under a microscope, the Safe Building Code Incentive Act can reduce the need for federal disaster aid without imposing on states' rights or increasing federal spending.
Remmer remembers when there were no state building codes.
The participants agreed to enhance cooperation with international organisations in order to develop an effective building code while the private sector was encouraged to participate in developing the code.
13 October 2010, SPA -- The first forum on the unified GCC building code, organized by the GCC Standards Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Qatar, concluded here today.
It provides an easy, illustrated guide to the building code requirements for residential structures, is organized to follow the 2009 Code, and provides commentary by codes experts as well as drawings and a visual format to enhance understanding.
Let's see what your building code is and what steps you take to have inspections.
the National Building Code of Canada, International Code Council, and the Uniform Plumbing Code), and codes referenced by organizations such as The American Institute of Architects, among others.
The new codes and standards include the 2009 Washington State Building Code, the International Property Maintenance Code and the Electrical Code.
Any college-level architecture or construction library will find the 2009 edition of Building Codes Illustrated a fine guide to the 2009 International Building Code and its concepts.
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