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Synonyms for building block

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

Synonyms for building block

a single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else

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Since all defenses, including zone, is predicated on man-to-man principles, we'd like to present the true and tried building blocks and drills to use with young players.
We are encouraged to see CP-TA aligning their interoperability documents with our published AdvancedTCA profile and we believe this will lead to faster adoption of commercial off-the-shelf building blocks within the industry.
Telecom Equipment Manufacturers will benefit from the faster time to market and reduced costs that interoperable building blocks provide.
It makes RNA chains that are only about six building blocks long.
We are committed to working within the industry and organizations such as CP-TA to enable the delivery of open specifications based carrier grade base platforms, which are consistent with the SCOPE-profiles and are composed of interoperable commercial off-the-shelf building blocks.
E[acute accent]Netrake's IMS building block products can be implemented using a distributed architecture that employs separate physical signaling and media control products.
Using the Paraxip Gateway software with Intel(R) NetStructure(TM) communications building blocks, customers receive the full benefits and flexibility of the leading computer telephony products including the widest coverage of telephony protocols and call control capabilities, through standard SIP/RTP interfaces.
Our industry can use techniques developed in this program to understand the building blocks in better ways and develop new uses.
The functional building blocks of Fibre Channel systems: SerDes, PBCs, repeaters, and retimers are used throughout the SAN in order to generate, receive, and steer gigabit speed serial signals.
It features Ironworks, a design time graphical interface that generates full source code for applications based on the Building Blocks library.
Collaboration offers world's largest collection of chemical building blocks
These properties together suggest that "we are seeing two dumps of stars, or subgalactic building blocks .
Building Blocks currently owns and operates 13 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.
Since the early Earth lacked a protective layer of atmospheric ozone, researchers have wondered what shielded the primordial building blocks of life from destruction by ultraviolet (UV) light.
Building Blocks is a wholly owned subsidiary of SRGC that operates a chain of high-quality educational and developmental toy stores.
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