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Synonyms for builder

Synonyms for builder

a person or business that makes or builds something

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

Synonyms for builder

a person who creates a business or who organizes and develops a country

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someone who contracts for and supervises construction (as of a building)

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While addressing to the event he shared his thoughts that the biggest issue in Karachi is have a residence and to fill the gap builders and A and I retailers introduce this project.
Builders are the rare people who understand this -- and decide to take action.
Balancing the Builder Base economy was a big and complex challenge.
2 CONTRACTS It's awkward to ask your builder to sign a contract but in most cases they'll appreciate the extra protection it offers them (in case you refuse to pay, for instance).
That was the message the Ontario Home Builders' Association and Tarion Warranty Corporation brought to Sudbury during a provincial tour to educate consumers about the provincial home warranty program, and the risks tied to illegal, and unregistered, home builders.
It is also a general principle that a builder provides the labour, plant and materials and it is the architect and surveyor that provide the detailed drawings to which the builder constructs the job.
A builder floor apartment is a residential unit in a low- rise independent building that has a few other flats.
Web Builder does have a built-in image editor that enables you to make minor adjustments to your images.
Gateshead branch manager Paul White said: "The builder's breakfast is part and parcel of British life, and every cafe claims to dish up the best.
The 2010 Master Builder of the Year Awards require every builder to be nominated by a satisfied customer - a client who is feel their builder deserves national recognition.
Some builders will offer you written testimonials or pictures of past work, but always make sure these references are genuine.
Some consumers complained that not only were they pushed into mortgages with higher rates, fees and closing costs than those readily obtainable in their local marketplace, but that when they objected, the builder either demanded that they go to closing with the affiliate or lose the discounts that attracted them in the first place.
Customer satisfaction with new-home builders improved for the second straight year in the J.D.
Eco-friendly homes cost less to run and are likely to be more marketable when the time comes to sell, so every homeowner should talk through the ecooptions with their builder before they embark on home improvement work.